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  1. Seems to be the latter - interview is 100% of the selection process (seeing that some NTP might have out of date prereqs)
  2. Think that those who signed previously (at prime) would be able to convince the bank to switch to subprime?
  3. Not a fan of Scotiabank - they've given me headaches. RBC is so far really good. I'm in Montreal.
  4. GPA of 3.5 and above is considered competitive. However, there may be other applicants who have a higher GPA than you. I also think that there are only 2 spots available. Invitations should be sent out soon, that's really the only way you can know.
  5. It is recommended by the Admissions Office after reviewing your application. If they think you are a strong candidate, but not ready to enter med, then they propose to do the pre-med year. There is no direct application for this.
  6. Depending on your category, your grades and sciences pre-reqs, they may ask you to do a year. Some NTPs have done a year before Med-1
  7. There is pre-med at McGill, but this is usually only for CEGEP students. However, they have given some students the opportunity to complete a "pre-med" year to increase overall GPA (with some standards to achieve). Usually, these people are from NTP background or a special contingent.
  8. Yes! Thank you for your advice. It's very appreciated.
  9. BSc in chemistry is general and you do not become a chemist after an undergrad. You usually continue to graduate studies and research. A permit is then required to be part of the Ordre des chimistes. Professional programs are those that lead to a profession, such as those indicated by crystal93 and others like Law.
  10. Thanks!! I've been at 2 sites where wifi did not work... kind of inconvenient.
  11. I am aware that the CMA has a relationship with Telus in regards to cell phone plans. I was wondering if people have gotten this deal, if other companies were able to offer something similar, etc. I think a data plan will be very useful while on the wards, but I don't want to break my budget (I find it ridiculous to pay upwards of 50$ and my current plan is below that). Any tips on best bang for your buck, how much data usage, etc.... Thank you.
  12. Applications are usually open for September 1st. You should find the information by then.
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