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  1. No news for anyone anywhere. On other forums, friends, no one withdrawn yet. This year its looking like we are going to have to wait it out.
  2. Any news or are we going to have to sweat it out until next wk.
  3. Nothing yet. No one I know has gotten anything yet. Keep Checking !!
  4. I guess were waiting until tmrw at least. No one I know has been withdrawn & I've not read here on any other forum of any news.
  5. Some were saying that we may not be withdrawn until Mar 5th bc this year the US Match is not until 20th compared to earlier last year? What date were people withdrawn last yr??
  6. Has anyone been withdrawn from NRMP Match because of CARMS match for 2014? I applied to both and am anxious to know if anyone has been withdrawn for this yr
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