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  1. ^The early acceptances go out mid May and then later acceptances range from mid June to early-mid July I think you're competitive, don't lose hope - it all depends on the other applicants. All the best
  2. Im sad at how weak this thread has been. Where are all the applicants at?
  3. So y'all gonna post your interview stats or..............
  4. MT_93, do we have to write how many times we wrote the MCAT in our stats as well?
  5. Ayo, I just want to mention that if you didn't do well - it's not that "dent isn't for you" I wrote the dat 3x and now im in second year... If you want it, don't let this phase you Good luck w/ applications, fam
  6. A big shoutout to all those that interviewed today! Get your interview scores after april 15th Good luck to all of y'all!
  7. No problem at all. Just trying to pay it forward. Great advice. I am a HORRIBLE RC person. Struggled in high school and Jr. High. I don't read outside of reading my textbooks so I would consider myself a poor/slow reader. I ended up doing well on RC because I was familiar with the topics - therefore, as a result of pure luck.. But that's great advice to read scientific articles and such w/ the jargon scientists use... Because there's always a few science articles on the DAT RC! Thanks for sharing
  8. Thanks Drizzy!! I was looking forward to being classmates w/ you Congrats on UofT and best of luck to you
  9. Thanks 1997! (Is that the year you're born? Wow, I'm feeling old...) When I first started carving, I did watch those videos and honestly, it's not a bad idea for someone to make new videos. I would prefer to give tips in person and can meet up whenever, but have never considered doing a YouTube video. I actually was practicing w/ my brother and we both critically critiqued each other. My brother was a pro at flutes and I felt as though I was a bit better on notches and saddles. I also talked to a total of 4 dental students to see how they tackled the carving and here's the funny thing...
  10. I originally used only Kaplan to study bio and chem the first time I wrote the DAT. Scored in the low 20s Switched to chads videos for chem and cliffs notes and feralis notes for bio. Scored 24 in bio and 25 in chem. Kaplan is weak. It should not be the main source of your info. Only use it to compliment what I've suggested above
  11. Congrats to those accepted! Can't wait to meet you. Don't forget to join the FB group that LebronJames mentioned earlier
  12. Congratulations! And thanks for letting us waitlisters know
  13. Where did you decide going instead, if you dont mind me asking?
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