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  1. Can't speak for all the other banks but Scotia also offered the fixed prime - .25% interest throughout repayment
  2. Didn't they pretty much have the same colour last year too? =/
  3. No, it's not. The advisors I met from Scotia/RBC/TD all offered the full 275k despite the student loans i already had
  4. Your ECs are strong, Queen's being a black box is definitely worth a shot. Your GPA as an OOP will hold you back at McGill, while your Mcat is too low for Manitoba or Sask. Your ECs might make you competitive for Calgary and Dal.
  5. I was already an RBC customer, my advisor said the fee is waived for first year but he can just file a separate waive request every year for me and i wouldn't have to pay it for the other years either.
  6. The dark side of the fairy tale life is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural
  7. 275k at prime -.25, Visa infinite avion, 24 months grace period after finishing residency, VIP banking account. The interest rate stays the same throughout repayment after the end of the grace period
  8. Ioan Jurjan at the RBC on peel and sherbrooke. He's a specialist in managing med/dent account and was really knowledgable. Highly recommend
  9. Haha I felt very adult-like when i went over the pros and cons. I went with RBC, two reasons, I was already their client (didn't want to have accounts with multiple banks) and I really like the advisor I was dealing with (he has a large med school client base and was very knowledgable about residency and medschool process) and second, their grace period for making interest-only payments is 24 months after finishing residency whereas every other bank offers only 12 months. One thing to note though, scotia does have the best credit card imo (it gives you a lot of cash back, 4%, and travel
  10. I had the same questions you did but then decided to have a LOC anyway. My reasoning was, I only have to make interest payments for it or any other sort of payments IF i end up using it at all. The quebec loans and bursaries should cover living expenses and tuition but it doesn't leave much else for me if i wanted to indulge myself ever. Second, once we have to start paying back the Quebec loan portion the interest rate is 3.2% where as on an LOC the interest rate for repayment is 2.45% currently. I was thinking i could pay off all the Quebec loan with my LOC after i'm done and then make repay
  11. Did anyone here set up a LoC in Montreal? If so, which advisor do you recommend at TD/Scotia. The ones I've spoken to so far haven't been the most helpful
  12. I thought poopy brown would be more popular, not because it's much better looking than the rest but because it seems like the only non-neon colour on that list.
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