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  1. I would suggest on focusing the PHLEO section in Canadian Qbank to understand the legality and the communication approach in Canadian health care system. Medical knowledge will not be overwhelmingly difficult. I think the main challenge is the PHLEO section, if you can work on that you should be alright for the exam.
  2. Thanks so much everyone. I was asking in regards of a TOTAL 4 week vacation (not continuous :)). I just wonder if everyone ends up taking a total of 4 weeks in a year. i heard a few residents also saying that they spread some vacation period as a few long weekends (like having a Friday off in a week they are not on call in the weekends to make a long weekend). Thanks so much again for all the responses
  3. Hi everyone. I am an incoming PGY1 in family medicine. Just want to ask everyone on here about experience with booking vacation in residency. Was everyone going with a full 4 week vacation period? And if so how early in advance do you usually book? How does it affect rotation and what not? Thanks so much
  4. Just out of curiosity the reference letter deadline is tomorrow Nov 27, so i am just a bit confused of a few invites that already went out Thank you
  5. I am not very well informed on political stands, so educate me if you guys don’t mind. It seems like the majority of the discussion on here is focusing on the issue of how money is distributed. However, for me, the political stand also comes with other views as well such as women’s right, LGBTQ right and other vulnerable groups. I cannot seem to support a party’s view without looking at these important human rights’ views at the same time. Let me know how you guys think and thank you for a fruitful discussion
  6. Hi everyone, I am not sure if this was asked before. I was just wondering if it is possible to double book electives on AFMC portal? I understand that it is frowned upon or in some cases unprofessional, but was just wondering if its even possible to do it on the same portal? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi guys, I am an Ontario student studying at McGill Med. I am looking for a placement in rural family medicine rotation (4 weeks) in Ontario in the month of June 2018. I personally do not have any connection and have no idea where to start... Anybody can help me out? either with their previous rural FM preceptor or a way to ask for a preceptor? My school's criteria for rural FM is <90,000 in population and 50km + away from a teaching hospital site Thanks so much everyone!
  8. Please email admission office! They respond very promptly!
  9. 1. I think this really depends on years to years applicants, "don't worry too much about the waitlist movement for now" would be my suggestion 2. I personally think it is not expected for you to have a strong understanding of current Canadian healthcare issues, but I think it is always good to be aware of certain ethical issues around you and have your own opinion about them. Your knowledge of the Canadian healthcare issues might be indirectly useful for you to know what your ethical stands are and become more aware of who you are. I hope that helps! Good luck!!
  10. If you think of McGill post-MMI format, your interview has 80% of the total score and GPA for science is only 20%. I think if you do fine in the interview, you should be fine! At the same time, you cannot change your science GPA, so my advice is not to worry about it anyway and enjoy and blow your interview away... Good luck!
  11. Hi Nicole, The website does not mention the rolling basis of admission for McGill, so in my opinion, the admission team would evaluate everyone all together! Good luck!
  12. Maybe also immunology (along the line with personalized medicine) ?
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