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  1. ^ That's right. I've heard of people with reallly low cGPAs getting in. Western is pretty clear on their policy with the GPA + MCAT. For multiple writes, I think they either take the most recent or best score (probably most recent), but you can find this on their site in the FAQ I believe. Each school in Canada typically only cares about the recent or best score, but it varies between schools so just check all their websites. But so far, I don't think a low cGPA or multiple writes have affected anyone as long as they meet the cutoffs for Western. Otherwise, Western simply wouldn't
  2. Ah I see. Yeah, I guess it's better just to aim higher since there's no information on that available yet. I do know (from the AAMC site), that since scores are centered around 125 for each section, it would be in your favour to try to get at the very least that much in each section, but I would aim for 127s as my personal minimums if I were writing it. Basically I would look at UofT's minimums and aim 1 or 2 points higher Sorry I couldn't give more insight. This is complete speculation, but with the addition of the new section, one section (either CARS or Bio) will go down a bit but not
  3. The cut-offs for Schulich are only posted in January (when they send out interview invites). The scores and GPA are flexible and change each year based on the applicant pool. Basically the school is aiming for 400-500 interviewees, so they essentially just raise/lower the cutoffs till they get cutoff scores that can allow them to get that many interviewees. If it just so happens that your pool has only 200 people who meet the previous year's cutoffs, the scores would be lowered to get the targeted number or interviewees (or raised cutoffs if there are 700 people meeting current cutoffs). 1
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the helpful advice. Congrats on matching by the way!
  5. Did the same Also, the school suggests getting the other copy in case you want to do some placements (or if they want to check), it's good to have an original copy.
  6. Thanks sounds like a fun event. When's the last day to sign up? I still need to see whether I'll arrive in London before the weekend or during.
  7. Great! Thanks Yeah I meant from the recommended list what you'd recommend so thanks for answering that too
  8. Hey everyone, I noticed we haven't received any indication of supplies (dissection kits, stethoscopes, lab coats) that we need to buy prior to arriving in August. Will we get a list of these that we need to buy before/during August, or are we supposed to figure it out on our own? Also, what textbooks would you recommend that we get for our first two years at Western? Thanks!
  9. What kind of clothing would you recommend for males vs females who are volunteering as patients? Noticed males had to take their shirts off so would all of them have to be comfortable doing that? And for females, what would you recommend for them?
  10. For anyone who is worrying about the Facebook group's size, it got updated this morning to 158 members. Some of these (10-15) are upper years. I do know of at least one person who hasn't joined the group but got an acceptance a few days ago, so bear in mind that there will be about 5 or more people who are just taking their time joining the group. Also, anyone who got a waitlist offer has a week to accept on OMSAS (and OMSAS takes a day or two to process the request before letting Western know). While some people may respond immediately, others might wait a few days to see if they can get
  11. 50 on high waitlist seems a bit high to me :S I think it would be less than that because otherwise I doubt even 4 people would post on Premed101 who got off normal waitlist. I think normal is large but the movement is better than people expect because I'd say estimate 30-50 or more people remove themselves from normal waitlist if they are accepted somewhere else (because they don't know where they stand).
  12. It was London campus so hopefully there are about 40 or more spots left still
  13. I didn't see it in the past two years (either because they didn't post or they didn't get in sorry)
  14. I don't know many details since I'm a waitlister too, but I'm pretty sure everyone who joined must be those who were accepted (or are upper years) As for leaving, I think it could be the following reasons (among others): Joined with multiple acceptances. Declined Western but only got around to leaving now. Joined after being pulled off waitlist, got off waitlist at another school which was their preferred school Accepted at Western while waiting for an OOP school (so will leave if that's their preferred site) Anyway, there must be around 40 spots (or a little more) still left based on the
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