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  1. Hey guys, Apologies if this is the wrong forum to post in. My question is pertaining to obtaining a Line of Credit from a Canadian bank for residency in the US. I'm a Canadian IMG from a Caribbean school who will be graduating and (hopefully) matching in the US in the upcoming cycle. I have been able to fund med school and living costs so far from savings and family support but I was wondering if anyone has any experience or can share information on how to go about getting a line of credit during residency in the US... I don't have any guarantor really and was thinking being a resident in
  2. I emailed Western, asking if late letters will be accepted. I received this response, "We prefer that all documents, including confidential assessment forms and letters of reference, be submitted to OMSAS by the October 1st deadline. If you are unable to meet that deadline, we are willing to accept these documents up to November 1st" Also wondering if Western will be looking at ABS? Thanks!
  3. Yup I will be mixing that in as well now. Have you done TPR's online verbal passages by any chance?
  4. Was this passage on typhoid Mary complete bs or what? Contrary to popular belief I'm starting to think more and more that EK is really not that great. I completed OG CARS passages and scored around 90%. When doing further practice with EK... I'm scoring around 70%.. anyone feel the same way ?
  5. I'd also like to point out I've been using Testing Solutions 30 day strategy guide as well. The review method provided by this company is quite intense (reread passage multiple times, highlight keywords, write short 1 sentence summary of each paragraph and entire passage, paraphrase questions and predict answers, etc.). Does anyone have experience with testing solutions? Apparently the tests they have (currently 8 available I believe) are overkill. Hey, sure! That's why I started the topic; discussion might help. On section 1 I made 11 mistakes in total. The bulk of my mistakes (7 of
  6. Hey guys, so I just started going through the passages in this book and I'm wondering what the general consensus is regarding the quality? I did an extensive search and there isn't too much info on it. If anyone is also using this book for practice we can discuss some answers which the book doesn't cover very well! Would appreciate if anyone who practiced using NS 108 and subsequently wrote the MCAT could give some input. I've also been mixing in TPR Verbal workbook, EK101 and all past AAMC CBTs. Although most people advise to always practice under timed conditions, I feel timing sho
  7. I'm not sure about UofT, but I know Western will be accepting the old MCAT after the 2015 MCAT comes out - both Queens and Western are okay with old MCAT if written within 5 years. Just to add, Dalhousie will accept the old MCAT for the application opening July 1st, 2015. Starting July 1st 2016 they'll only accept new format MCAT.
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