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  1. I got accepted to both schools and chose U of T and I am very very happy with my choice. PM me if you feel undecided.
  2. I strongly disagree with you on this. I found doing the dissections on the head and neck very useful. You get to go through each layer of the neck and learn all the structures on your own. It is a much more useful practice than just looking at a prosected specimen.
  3. I have to admit that I get very overwhelemd with all the works in dental school. It is probably the hardest thing that I have experienced in my life. I just try to focus on the end goal which is becoming a good dentist and think to myself that all these pains are temporary lol.
  4. The results came out on May 15th last year. You will get an email saying that "the status of your application is ready to view" and then you have to log into your student centre to see the result. If you get admitted then you will see a green checkmark besides your application status.
  5. U of T class is soft this year?!!! Everyone in our class is so smart this year( albeit kind of competitive and intense).Even the profs have made comments about it plenty of times through out the year. Almost all of our exams averages have been aroud A and A+ this year.
  6. U of T only accepts %10 OOP students. UWO on the other hand has no preference for in-province students.
  7. But most US residency programs has a ranking requirement( either be in the top %20 or %10-15 for competitive ones like Oral surgery). So how can you apply for those programs if you don't know your ranking?
  8. Right. Interview matters a lot too. It can either make or break you.
  9. It is not only dentistry but other professions are also becoming saturated. Dentists are among the most paid professions all aroud the world.
  10. Don't worry.They'll send you a confirmation letter sometime in december and will also let you know if you they need anymore required documents.
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