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  1. Answering this would basically be legal advice and AFAIK there are no lawyers here. The answers are specific to your situation (and you assume that your spouse earns less?). Also depends on children, etc. A prenup can help sort this out ahead of time, and as far as I know can contain clauses for distribution of assets during marriage, but again you're going to have to ask a lawyer for a definitive answer.
  2. I'm surprised you're getting interviews without a letter from your current PD, I was under the impression they were basically required. If you match you resign from your current program, start at new program. What your PD thinks will depend on how tight your program is for service coverage, and if now they will be overstretched for call (but that's on them and not you).
  3. Yeah but if this person goes to U of A and knows he wants to match to Ontario, they're going to do all their electives in Ontario schools anyway. I disagree that a flight from Edmonton to Ottawa that is 3.75 hours is significantly different than a 4 hour drive from Toronto to Ottawa for an elective. So the U of A person could have just as many Ontario school letters as someone at Western. I don't buy that Ontario medical schools are the most competitive outside of the fact that 40% of Canada lives in Ontario and ~45% of English language medical school spots are in Ontario and you'll se
  4. You can apply to Canadian MD while applying for international, and even apply to Canada while attending medical school internationally. There are stories of people being accepted to Canada a year or two into international MD (and starting over). It's been a while and I forget if it was mostly an American thing but some applications ask if you have ever matriculated at a medical school, so if it's worded that you have or plan to you'd have to disclose it, but I don't know if it would be seen as a negative (As opposed to matriculating in Canada then dropping out and trying again). All you'd be g
  5. I mean you're basically asking "should I accept 175k from my parents". If you're only getting 50% equity, which makes sense, the question is do you think the property will appreciate in value more than your interest rate on your LOC, and like any investment, you're gambling on there not being any hidden costs, of a depressed rental market, unforeseen renovations required, a housing market crash, etc. Only you can make that call.
  6. You'll have to look at what each school will look at but almost all will consider any undergraduate you do for cumulative GPAs, but those with GPA adjustment schemes may have requirements as being part of a degree to qualify for GPA modification.
  7. If you're 100% sold on PEM then talk to your PD and reach out to your peds emerg staff saying you're interested and look for mentors. If you're not 100% sold do the same thing and say you're interested and not sure and you'd like the opportunity to find out early.
  8. It's the standard billing codes, so same as staff physician, but more than residency/fellowship.
  9. Conversely, if you're gunning a compeditive specialty, at Mac you could take a year to do a research Masters in your desired specialty and finish at the same time, which I knew some people who did for very compeditive stuff.
  10. Unfortunately, pre-requisites vary depending on medical school, especially in the US, so it's impossible to give a blanket answer.
  11. I did not apply to PEM so cannot comment from experience. PEM is the most compeditive pediatric subspeciality, with 27 first-choice applicants for 19 spots in the 2021 match, which works out to around 1.4 applicants for every spot. The only other subspecialty with more applicants than spots was allergy with 6 first-choice applicants for 5 spots. Not having a local program is a disadvantage, but people certainly do match from programs without fellowships, and there is an advantage in residency not having to compete with fellows for staff time and procedures etc. You certainly can and should do
  12. Some places will have official policies requiring you to discuss it prior to doing it, some just discourage it as usually residency can be busy and has heavy burn out, if you're doing extra shifts that might add to that. And might expressly forbid doing overnight shifts within a certain time frame of residency work for safety reasons, etc.
  13. Personally, if I was not interested in rural or remote medicine, I would choose an alternative school. It's true you may have more obs opportunity in your family medicine experience, and all centres get rare conditions, but I think if you are not interested you might get frustrated at a centre which seems to have that focus front and centre, and allow a fellow applicant who would be interested in the rural aspect the opportunity to come off the wait-list. (And if you did want some rural/remote experience, Edmonton is the referral centre for remote northern AB communities and much of the NWT an
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