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  1. AAMC cGPA: 3.9 - great sGPA: as a newbie I'm a little confused on what courses belong here but my guess would be 3.7-3.8 - basically any courses with a course code of Biology, chem, physics, math. Obviously if you have course codes like biochem or something those too. Those numbers aren't bad. MCAT: 1st time: 505 (124/124/127/130) ====> 2nd time: 512 (128/126/127/131) - here's the problem ECs: I have about 300 hrs of hospital volunteering, a year of undergrad thesis research, >2000 hours working retail, other random commitments - probably average for USMD The US real
  2. I didn't back up with FM as I know I would be much more miserable doing it vs what I do now. That being said, I would have happily backed up and taken a FM residency and ran with it if that's what I got my second time around, and found my niche. I think med school advisors do a disservice to some students with recommendations to back up when they very clearly do not have an interest in the back-up (they just want everyone to match somewhere for the school's match rate).
  3. No it's fine to use a letter from a program staff for that program. If theyve wrote it, you're good. The trouble is if you do an elective with the PD and some PDs won't write letters.
  4. I have tabulated the data from the results thread here as well as the 2 results threads on r3ddit: https://forums.premed101.com/topic/115693-mcmaster-interview-invitesregrets-2022/ https://www.**DELETED**.com/r/premedcanada/comments/s36fjx/mcmaster_interview_invitesregrets_2022/ https://www.**DELETED**.com/r/premedcanada/comments/s3ylk3/mcmaster_invitedregrets_2022_repost/ The following is only for in-province applicants. Please not this will in no way be a representative data set of all applicants. Clearly, as invitees make up the largest group. People are more likely
  5. In my experience you just contacted the program directly about elective opportunities. You can ask directly about like general IM/CTU electives, but some programs may not take elective students on CTU.
  6. I meant generally, in your personal statement and in interviews, if asked. For descriptions of electives I had around 4 sentences, describing it and saying how it contributed to my desire to be a pediatrician or whatever. If i recall I think the descriptions are generic for all programs so you cant customize them, so you'll want to carefully construct them to support your applications to both specialties, if possible.
  7. One of the most important things to realize in clerkship/residency is that for a lot of things, there are multiple "right" ways to do things, and in the end you serve at the pleasure of your staff, and whatever way they want is the "right" way. So just say things like "Previously I've seen some people write meds in ranges but others like to give specific doses, which is your preference?" Or "uptodate" recommends X treatment for Y, but I've seen other staff do Z, do you know which is better?". Over time you'll see how things can be done different ways and come up with your own preference, and f
  8. It's impossible to say, but you should apply. Might depend on where in 4th quartile. Look at the interview acceptance thread and you can see people with similar stats both getting invites and rejections.
  9. Each school calculates things differently, but in theory you can just sign up for university courses without declaring a program and the grades will contribute, although you get diminishing returns over time with a cumulative GPA, ie at mac, vs a school with weighting for more recent grades or a second degree.
  10. Realistically as said above it's second round carms/US match or re-entry. Consider a FM niche instead.
  11. Yeah but their gonna get drummed out if their pulling 2.4 GPA grades if they go that route and just waste money
  12. I would still add everything, and just comment on why even though you did so much in A, you really want to do B, and how your experience in A shaped your desire to do B and will contribute to your skills as a resident in B, etc. You don't have to max out the description (in fact don't as nobody wants to read that much) but you should discuss each and what makes them unique or how they contributed to your desire to do B
  13. to be fair, they may be a dual citizen considering a US vs Can undergrad application now, which is appropriate to consider in grade 11, and if they have aspirations in medicine no fault to them for considering the effects of doing parts of their education in different countries in the future
  14. Would hesitate to apply to any school that did not accept 3+ canadians in last 2 years. Some just accept Canadians on paper but realistically only if they have connections there or did undergrad there etc.
  15. Almost no chance your med school would grant this, but possible for residency if it's research (or some sort of extended residency with periods of clinical and research time interspersed)
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