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  1. You NEED a LOR from your original PD saying you were a good resident and left for medical/family reasons and not performance/professionalism reasons. I know you said you can't get a recent letter but you NEED a recent letter(s) from someone who can say that you would still be a good resident. Hopefully you can reach out so someone from your nursing program, or look into doing shadowing/volunteering/research as much as you can with covid, perhaps reaching out to contacts from your medical school or residency to point you in the right direction locally. Hopefully you can also demonstrate yo
  2. Only some schools accept international students. PRs are equivalent to Canadian citizens and pay domestic tuition. Each school might have different requirements and you'll have to contact to see if you can apply pending PR status. If that's the case you would have to be a PR before matriculating and would pay domestic tuition.
  3. As rmorelan says, the carms process is usually done by committee but PD(s) generally have veto power and final say over rank order lists.
  4. If you absolutely have to take time off for mental health then talk to your med school to take a LOA and defer graduation a year. Applying after YOG is an automatic red flag as it usually implies that you didn't match. You will be expected to explain, and using the excuse that you were tired after med school is going to be pretty lethal for most programs looking at how you will cope in a generally much more intense residency
  5. Yeah tearfulness shouldn't be in there and it should be changed to "inappropriate emotionality", as its very much ok to show compassionate emotion to patients and to cry it out once you're out of the room, but you also need to be able to be composed under pressure and stoic if that's what your patient's need you to be. The rest I think is ok, I mean it's what was discussed in letters before. If you have a conflict here just like everyone else its not gonna make in into a letter but you and I both know people who conflict seems to follow around, and that's a helpful thing for a program to know.
  6. The stats are different as its a separate pool. And yes since you're applying to the PhD stream too then they look more at research background/potential etc.
  7. Conservative government thought oil would last forever, oops it did not, for some reason Albertans re-elect conservatives, since no oil money then cut doctors billing to be more in line with other provinces, doctors rightly get upset because it was done unilaterally and not through negotiation/arbitration, anti-doctor sentiment leads some to consider moving provinces where billings are same or less in exchange for less anti-doctor sentiment.
  8. As long as the idea seems coherent and you get your idea across then grammar doesn't matter
  9. If you go Caribbean you will make a mistake. You may think not now, but if you do, you will think of this post and be haunted about how right I was when you either wash out or don't match.
  10. If you are an American citizen or PR you have a lot more options for American schools, and it will be cheaper for others.
  11. Some PDs won't write reference letters but always good to have your name known... if you do well on the elective.
  12. You're not gonna be an anesthesiologist, as unfair as that is. You might have to go through various monitoring programs etc. You have to disclose it on all your licensing applications.
  13. I agree that the best route forward is to be open an honest about it, especially if you're doing a lot of addictions work now. That being said you are going to run into roadblocks and challenges when it comes to licensing etc.
  14. You can include it as "under review" or "submitted manuscript" as above but it won't be considered as nearly as highly as an accepted paper, unless the subject matter is novel or your co-authors are notable.
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