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  1. ohh that's a tricky one, I think they may include 2nd year and drop the lowest between 1st, 3rd, 4th for GPA for interview calculation, then use your 5th year and drop your 2nd year after interview for final decision. make sure you call to check
  2. Doesn't sound too bad! just keep up the grind. If you're in province UofA is a great school, and you'll have an advantage going to UofA for networking if you choose to work in Alberta. Apply broadly, and go to the first school you get into.
  3. I'm a little confused at what your asking, but if your second year is your worst, then it will not be used for calculations as long as its not your only 30* year. they must take into account your GPA for most recent year, i.e upcoming fall/winter for you since you plan to apply for upcoming cycle.
  4. I think it's best to give the faculty of admissions a call, don't worry they won't trace your call or anything weird like that hahaha. I'm not sure if anything has changed so please double check incase I'm off, but so long as you have a passing grade in the class (not sure if school of dentistry has a different definition of pass for applicants), the pre-req will be considered completed and since its a spring course it should not count to overall GPA calculation. BUT, you should also be looking at what other Canadian schools do for gpa calculations incase it's that mandatory to consider
  5. Your GPA up until completion of your fall semester next year will be used for interview decision, once you've completed the interview, your final GPA calculation will include the following winter semester (the semester you get your interview in).
  6. Dental MMI is very similar to medical MMI without the the heavy focus on medical situations or medical ethical principals. I did both before getting into the clearly superior program.
  7. So for MMI, I practiced with friends and we did lots of practice. Made our own questions if we ran out of ones we found online. I also registered for coaching which I found most helpful. 30 MDT, 20 RCT, 23 PAT
  8. Compare your stats with the year before. I think you have an excellent shot at interview and acceptance will be determined by your MMI score, so be sure to do lost of prep for it. Good luck.
  9. Only MDT, RCT, and PAT. so you could tehcinhally get a 1 in the sciences and be okay for UofA. I winged sciences and guessed after I got bored lol. Focused those 3 only
  10. I think it’s like 13-15 ppl long, still quite a few more to come out in regular admissions, not to mention any waitlist movement. We don’t know exact number forsure though check out the 2021 thread for some ppl who left their stats. But overall likely have one of the three criteria no so high and then get regular admissions
  11. 5th floor ECHA, take the elevator on south side and the door to the department is as soon as you exit the elevator.
  12. Congrats Guys!!! Join the FB page! https://m.facebook.com/groups/639508663062233?ref=bookmarks
  13. Sorry for making you guy panic, but thought I should prepare a thread. Early acceptances for the UofA DDS 2022 class should be coming out pretty soon. The last couple of years, early admission emails were released on May 18th, but we don't know when for this year. Just a reminder for anyone who doesn't hear back for early acceptances in May (which is only a short list), the general acceptances/WL/rejections should be released in late June. I will post a link to our Facebook page after acceptances roll out. Congratulations to all those who are accepted, we can't wait
  14. Only 3 more days until your interview! If you guys have any questions for the big day, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer. Good luck and I’ll see y’all Saturday P.S. I’ll be the volunteer wearing the pink top hat for easy identification.
  15. LOOOOL love the jab. I wrote the MCAT more times I’d like to admit, and never did well. Very happy it never went well because I’m now in Dent, the much cooler of the two.
  16. Hey All, I hear that the UofA MMI interview invites are out. Please feel free to post your stats and results for reference for those who plan on applying in the future If you have any questions please feel ask, I’m in the class of 2021 with Dentkid who’s always willing to help
  17. If you re-write, I'd consider doing the MDT. It'll open up another great door at the UofA, even if you screw up sciences you'd still be okay. If there is potential to do significantly better, then I don't see why not. You are only improving your shot and every penny you spend on DAT material/exam is an investment in your future.
  18. Same thing for me, and I'm sure they didn't calculate it. to be 100% sure call and ask if you can't find out from online
  19. Cumulative minus your worst year excluding summer/spring courses as long as you didn't take a but load in one spring summer term. i think to exclude worst year you might have to do 4 years (degree or not) but I'd double check that I did 5 years and two summer courses they calculated my last 4 (best) full times years. Full time is 6 courses+ a year at UofA. I took this many courses each each in order 8, 10, 10, 6, 6.
  20. You can always express mail and pay a little extra for piece of mind; good ol' tracking number! Try calling admissions and asking about you situation before you spend money on express mailing
  21. ACCEPTED! Geography: IP GPA: 3.85 DAT: 73 Interview: 37
  22. I just called. The lady said early admissions should be released next week.
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