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  1. Selling soap carving knife with ruler + Official Canadian DAT Preparation Manual (Edmonton ONLY) 10$, msg if interested! SOLD
  2. Congrats! Here it is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UofAMedClass2020/
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/UofAMedClass2020/ Congrats everyone! Join the fb group!
  4. Based on the information on the McGill website, 8 OOP and 12 IP got off the WL. 28 initial offers were sent out, so 48 offers have been sent out. Is it possible they go trough the whole WL and start sending offers to rejected applicants?
  5. I took Canadian DAT twice. Line counting worked for some of the questions, less than 50% I would say (thus the TFE section of Crack DAT is not very helpful, find other practice questions if that's your sole prep materials). I think it's best to visualize the object. It was hard for me at beginning, but it's actually more efficient than line counting if you get used to it. Practice, practice and practice.
  6. It really depends on your GPA. For example, 67+3.9 GPA could be very competitive! Personally, I would take it anyways since MDT, RC and PAT do not take a lot of time to re-prepare. Each test date has its own curve/normalization, you could possibly get a higher score.
  7. But I think both med and dent students at UofA get a jersey as wha I spotted at the interview.
  8. If I want to apply Alberta Student Loan, is it too late if I do so around August 20th (due to some personal reasons and travelling plans). Any insight will be appreciated! Thanks!
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