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  1. Hi everyone, current U of T PT student here. I'll be assisting with administering and marking the CAP. Can't help you out as per the school's rules, but Leon's previous tests were a lot of help. As for dress code, just look professional! No need to suit up and wear anything too fancy, you want to be comfortable for the 2 hours you're there. Also, 2 hours seems like a lot of time, but I ASSURE YOU, it is NOT. So I'd suggest not trying to reach the maximum word count for each answer. Answer as well as you can and be brief, and add if you have time at the end. Best of luck to all! Feel free to as
  2. As far as I know, all schools have their decisions made even BEFORE your winter term grades are out, so those aren't taken into account. I applied during my fourth year, was unsuccessful, returned for a full fifth year of university, applied during that fifth year to the schools that I would meet the cut-offs, and was unsuccessful again. The third attempt I was successful, and was able to work for a full year to save some money up for school. So realistically its not a bad idea!
  3. Toronto will only count senior level courses taken outside of your degree to upgrade. Unsure of other schools. For repeated courses, if both the B and the upgraded mark fall under the most recent 20 courses, both will count towards the subGPA. And yes, for prerequisites the course must show "in progress" on your transcript when applying, then you will have to prove that you successfully completed the course before being accepted into the program.
  4. What he asked for was what U of A PT did, and what I answered is what U of A PT does, as per their website, and as per their school's academic counselor. Some schools take the average of the entire year (eg., all Ontario PT and OT schools), but U of A takes the average of the nearest semester instead.
  5. They average the nearest semester and use that for the remaining credits.
  6. Alberta's GPA calculation is very odd, I can't quite figure it out. My ORPAS subGPA was a 3.85 and U of A GPA was a 4.0. I didn't expect that, but it must've been true because, according to a representative from the department, the out of province cut-off was a 4.0 to receive an interview. I have heard from some people that they take your percent average and then convert that to a GPA, and others say that it's different from school to school. Email her and she will let you know though!
  7. There is a FB group, Danielle will be emailing you with the link.
  8. There are a couple of graduate residences, like lambton hall, but you should be able to find a better deal off campus.
  9. You can't go wrong with London! The majority of your classes will be at Elborn college, which is on the southwest corner of the campus. Because the campus is pretty large, if you want to walk to classes, I would look for a place closest to the intersection of Western and Sarnia. That being said, you get a free bus pass and the london transit service isn't awful. If you were to live downtown its just a 10-15 minute bus ride away from campus, but the busses can sometimes be full in the mornings. Good luck with your search, feel free to PM me with more questions. Source: Born and raised in L
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Trying to get my health form filled out, applied for OSAP already, and started looking for a place (kind of), to get an idea of where and how I could be living on a student's budget!
  11. Fully accredited, partially compliant. Western just needs to ensure that they maintain what they're doing, and they made some administrative changes to become fully compliant in their next review. It doesn't affect the program, the degree, job outlook, or anything. Don't let Western's accreditation affect where you would like to go. If Western is where you'd prefer you should go there. If anything, the fact that their accreditation was under probation would make the program and administration stronger. PS I am a London resident, born and raised, and completed my undergraduate degree there. I c
  12. I think I read somewhere that all courses taken as prerequisites must be completed by a certain date and you must have graduated by June 30, I would get it figured out
  13. Accepting an offer automatically removes you from the waitlist. Hope that helps.
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