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  1. I have also taken most of the credit towards my degree through TRU-OL. I started in Science, Bio major, but the selection of upper level courses is really poor so I switched to Arts. I am going to make the long drive, each way, every day for my final year this fall because I found TRU-OL courses to be way more work, and the exams are pretty hard, but the biggest reason is that there are too few upper level courses in my major. I'd say the largest selection is probably in psych. There is a decent variety of 100-200 level courses through distance though. If you do take TRU-OL courses..
  2. Hi, yes both general chemistry classes require a lab component. The chemistry courses listed as prereqs at UBC both have labs, and they say that equivalent courses taken at other institutions to have labs for both general chems (but only one lab for organic chem! http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2013/05/Prerequisite-Chart-2013-2014.pdf
  3. I personally love it here, but it's home to me. It's a beautiful place, hot and sunny, short winters, and it's not too cold very often (winter +5 to -15, light snow). The UBCO campus will seem very, very tiny to compared to UBC Vancouver. It's hard to describe, but it's just a different vibe here than in Vancouver. Some surrounding farms, big lakes, mountains, tons of camping, lots of beaches and golfing, and lots of natural space. I wouldn't say it's 'city life' like you are probably used to. Like you mentioned, the people you know who like it here are outdoorsy, and that's really what
  4. Hi canucks_14, I have taken many courses through TRU-OL, including intro chem 1 & 2, some bio, physics, and some social science. If you have a good foundation from high school chem, then the 1st & 2nd semester chem at TRU-OL aren't too bad at all. I also found that there are lots of lectures offered online by other institutions (University of California is a good one). The chem assignments are a lot of work, but really good prep for exams, and the tutors I have are great at answering Q's and guiding you through problems if necessary. Also, the labs are separate credits from th
  5. I am writing in Spokane since I had to reschedule my exam and there were no test dates left in BC or AB towards the end of August! The US seems to have quite a few test dates before August 30th. Good luck
  6. Thanks for the replies. I did mean the section fourwinds refers to. I didn't realize there was other areas to detail experiences, but it's good to know you can write about your experiences in leadership, etc, rather than just check off a box or list the title of a position.
  7. Hi everyone, First of all, congratulations to all who interviewed this year, and all the best with the rest of the process. I am applying this year and I am wondering about the 'exceptional circumstances' box, specifically how many characters or words it allows. I have heard 500 characters, which is not very many! I'm not sure whether you can disclose that if you have already seen the application, but I thought I'd put the question out there. I know it's only a few more months until they open the application process and I could find out for myself at that time, but I'm really cu
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