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  1. Hey, I to am a first time applicant to UBC, but I would be happy to look over yours if you look over mine!
  2. Hey, I am putting together a petition to apply without full time studies. I am curious if anyone has completed a petition and been successful. Looking to hear from your experience! Thanks!
  3. Program: MD Result: Denied OMSAS GPA: 3.74 CARS: 128 IP/OOP: IP
  4. How long ago did you do your first degree? You could take advantage of U of Calgary ten year rule and drop your first degree. than take two years full time (4 courses a semester sept-April) get nothing less than a 3.9 and apply to u of c its the only school with the ten year rule. Otherwise... go international. US schools included, DO is a viable option.
  5. It sounds like you have some wonderful life experience that would make you a great candidate for some schools, but unlikely a good candidate at MAC. To be blunt, MAC cares only about numbers. Not about you or life experience. I would research other schools to find ones that are more friendly to person with life experience and then tailor your application to those schools. Most certainly you are going to need to crush the MCAT in every section. Your GPA is just low as it stands now to have an average MCAT. Consider the MCAT your initiation to the rigours of medical school. T
  6. I’m 31 and going to pre-Med.... my friend want to Med at 38 another friend just got in at 30 24 is insanely young. You have time. Don’t rush it. Be purposeful with each step you take towards applying to medical school. You CAN study MCAT on your own. This is a serious undertaking but it has been done.
  7. You’re spot on the money! every situation when your non trad is different and each non traditional must do their own research and talk to EACH school
  8. I’ve been told by the schools they feel college is not the same Calibre as university. While I can accept that to an extent, there are many programs/courses that are university courses. If they are accepted by a university as a university caliber course then I believe they should be considered as equivalent but that’s just me. Lol
  9. If you go onto the OMSAS website, the service you use to apply to Ontario medical schools, it specifically states college courses (even if transfer credits are given) are typically not included in GPA calculations. When I have reached out to the various Ontario medical schools I have got various different answers. The reason I reached out is because I have three years of college for paramedic and going to Selkirk College for Rural Pre-Med in September. So I wanted to find out if I could apply to Ontario schools. NOSM, McMaster, and Western stated the courses would have to appear individual
  10. Since you went to a college no Ontario schools will accept your transferable college credits. Good enough for Western medical schools just not good enough for Ontario medical schools .... the only way Ontario schools consider your college marks is if you can make them appear on a University transcript.
  11. I anticipate finding some mentors at Selkirk for sure! I just feel “obligated” to provide some as it’s listed on the application. Especially since my rural experience is essentially work related, I feel someone may wonder how I didn’t end up with any mentors working in rural health! I appreciate the response and wishes of luck :-)
  12. Hello! My journey down the medical school path is complicated but I am headed to Rural Pre Med program at Selkirk college come September. I chose this program because I am passionate about working in rural medicine and working with underserved populations. Furthermore, in my later years in life, I have found myself wanting to escape my city roots and move to a rural area. I am from a larger city in Ontario and have always lived in a city. To be honest I had always thought I was going to be a city kid until the last few years when all my passions/hobbies became rurally orientated. I have b
  13. I’m renting a room out in my house starting May 1st. My current housemate is moving out then. The house is fully updated. Lots of parking. Backyard with BBQ. Wifi etc. I can furnish the bedroom if you need me to. I am moving to BC for Rural Pre-Med program in September so the longest I can rent the room for is 4 months. My house is quiet and I’m a great person to live with. I’ve been a paramedic for 11 years, I don’t have parties, drink, or do drugs. I am fairly clean, I dislike clutter but can survive the occasional dust bunny. I don’t do much outside of work, study for MC
  14. Research each and every medical school in Canada. They are all different in the evaluation. I would also spend the money for a premed advisor. That really helps. Non-trad/Mature applicants have a tough time. U of Calgary eliminates any school that is 10 years old. So that helps, but you need a minimum of 2 years full time, graduate school will count as one year full time so you may only need to complete one more year full time. I to am a mature applicant with a very non-traditional pathway and have struggled. I am headed back to school in September to take Rural Pre-Med full time to
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