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  1. Is this true though? There are so many electives where you won't be spending 100% of the time with one preceptor and are often split with multiple. Given the new 8 week cap many people are also doing less weeks per elective in order to visit more programs and schools
  2. Also first year Class of 2021 here! I honestly think that you could be just overwhelmed at the moment because everything is new. I also don't know anyone in my class previously so everyone was a stranger at first. I've made acquaintances but to say they've become close friends is far from the truth. I think you should give this a bit more time because a lot of the social gatherings and events like interest group meetings, student council, musicals and etc have yet to happen so you will have opportunities meet those with similar interests. Don't force yourself to meet people whom you don't
  3. The thing is everything judges themselves differently. The best if you are consistently scoring 129 or higher on the practice exams, then it should demonstrate that you can perform equally well on the actual MCAT.
  4. Definitely felt comfortable with all questions. My feeling was that I could always justify my answers in some way. If you feel like you are guessing too many questions, I would go over those questions when practicing and try to explain why the correct answer is correct.
  5. I don't believe OP would qualify for Western as they require a full course load for their two best years (10 courses). OP will only have a shot at Queen's after another year of 3.9 at least to give them a last two year GPA above 3.8. To be brutally honest with you, your shot at Canadian medical schools are very very slim. GPA is the single most important factor in admissions and you are no where near competitive for any Canadian school at the moment. Your GPA would qualify for Queen's with another year but Queens is 100% a black box school (check the sub forum) and their post interview od
  6. MCAT scores are used as cutoffs in most Canadian medical schools and rarely do Canadian medical schools ask for a personal statement. If you are interested in the US then I would advise visiting SDN forums as there are much more resources there to help you with the PS.
  7. Realistically, the letters behind your name doesn’t matter as long as you can practice as a doctor there is no use to a MD if you can’t find a residency position. If you are competitive for Canada (at least one school), the prevailing advice here is attempt three cycles. So your plan is pretty spot on. Just ace that MCAT because it’s critical at the Ontario schools where you have a shot (Western, Queens, Mac).
  8. Sorry I did make a mistake here. IMGs and CMGs both participate but only about 10% of the seats are available to IMGs. Thanks for the correction
  9. To clarify, the data I am looking at is here: https://www.carms.ca/data-reports/r1-data-reports/r-1-match-interactive-data/ In addition, news outlets have also reported more and more CMGs are unable to find a residency position in Canada. http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/residency-ontario-1.4623120 https://www.thestar.com/vancouver/2018/04/17/official-data-confirms-more-canadian-medical-grads-are-without-residency-positions-than-ever-before.html I apologize if I made any factually incorrect statements. I was suggesting that if you do decide to go abroad, both USDO and Ireland
  10. Yes it is very common for doctors to move back to Canada after completing a residency in the states. However if you go to a DO school you won’t have the MD initials behind your name, if that’s something you care about. If you notice, there are many doctors here with different initials behind their name (MD, MBBS, DO) but in the end once you complete residency in North America, you will have no problem settling up practice in Canada or the US. The reason you don’t see many DOs here is because 1. Most end up in primary care and 2. Most choose to stay in the US. Imagine paying US tuition an
  11. If your goal is to practice in Canada, you have two options. 1. Doing residency in Canada (this is very very difficult for IMGs. Just look at the CaRMS data. Also keep in mind that CMGs in recent years have had worse and worse match rates due to increased enrollment numbers in Canadian medical schools. So I would expect it to become even harder for IMGs to match here. Not recommended. But if you want to go abroad and match in Canada, Ireland and US will both be equally reasonable. 2. Doing residency in the US then moving back. This is a lot easier. US DO schools have great match rat
  12. Does having contributions in a TFSA with an investment firm like wealthsimple reduce OSAP qualifications? I have some personal savings and would like to max out my yearly TFSA contributions ($5000), which I feel is not a huge risk over the course of med school ($20000/4 years). Anyone with experience in this regard?
  13. To add to the above. Once you hit 129 for CARS you will be guaranteed an interview at Western (assuming full course load for your 1st, 3rd and 4th year) and you will be competitive for Queens and MAC (dependent on CASPer). Uoft you will need to calculate your wgpa first. Ottawa is out of reach.
  14. Yes I believe so. I think it's based on your OSAP. This number is anecdotal however but I've had multiple friends confirm a number around there.
  15. I'll pm you but my contribution is expected to be around 100-150k
  16. Oh the home isn't that expensive, we probably expect to borrow less than 100k from the bank for a mortgage. I guess I'll look into a lawyer and get that stuff sorted out. It's good to hear that owning a home doesn't get in the way of OSAP
  17. Suppose I have these two options here, which one would you recommend? 1. Buy the home under my name with support from parents. This means my parents will be giving me a lumpsum to assist with the purchase. However I am worried this route might result in the problem you just mentioned where I have excess, large sums of money in my bank account. 2. My parents will purchase the home under their name and I will use a partial sum of my LOC (say...100-150k) towards that purchase. Would this be a better choice? In regards to the long term outlook, I will most likely sell the house shou
  18. Hi everyone, I just have two questions in regards to managing finances during med school. Fyi, I will be attending a three program at Mac where tuition is expected to cost around 28k/year. From my understanding, the new OSAP allows for students in professional programs to qualify. Since most students are out of high school for 4 years, most of us would qualify for OSAP as independents with no income. In this case, how much OSAP can we be expected to pay back? My friend at Mac has said that most of them get around 24k in OSAP + 4k in bursaries from McMaster. He also said that he is only ex
  19. GPA looks fine. You could add in a six year if you feel like it won't get in the way of interview prep and honing your ECs. But I would just spend a quality year polishing up your app for different schools. Especially take a long time to craft up the abs sectiom and the essays.
  20. Your CARS score is holding you back at several schools, including Queen's, Mac, Western and some OOP schools. So I would focus on acing the MCAT first before pursuing any more ECs. Spend a whole summer and get at least 129 on CARS, which is very doable and you are in a very good spot. In regards to your anxiety, I think it's best do not overthink the admission process. The stats and how your application is evaluated are all very transparent at many schools. Like many others have said here, GPA/MCAT is king when it come to Canadian med school admissions. Right now all you need is a better
  21. Look at my stats. They are really low. It just goes to show that MANY schools have forgiving policies for admission. Western: Two year over 3.7 (Full-course load) Queens: Last two years McMaster: Over 60% is from CARS and CASPer U of T: Drops 1.0 per year (full-course load) It seems like you already know what you have to do. Do well on the MCAT (like spend a whole summer on it), do your absolute best in courses and worry about the ECs later. You'll be fine. It's not too late yet. Best of luck!
  22. Do they ever do black? I'm more of a low-key kinda person
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