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  1. ODAs Journal has postings in Ontario? Ive never heard of this before
  2. I used my provincial student loan (40k/year) and some scholarships. But I heard recently if you have kids or disabilities you are eligible for a higher amount.
  3. My gf goes to UofT med and her first year GPA was a 3.1. But keep in mind she picked it up after 1st year (close to 4.0 every year after) and plus UofT drops your lowest 10 courses as long as you took a FCL each year. So it's possible with different formulas every school uses like Ottawa looking at your recent 3 years in a weighted formula, Queens looking at last 2 years and western looking at your best 2 years.
  4. CracktheDAT was awful for the reading section and was okay for the PAT but honestly not worth it in my opinion since it's not representative of the Canadian DAT (they do not have rock keyholes). And DATBootcamp is overrated by Americans, it's a good resource for the American DAT but not for the Canadian DAT. It was especially terrible for the keyholes (not representative of the Canadian DAT at all) and their other sections of the PAT were okay. Best resource is probably the CDA manual and even that is outdated now .
  5. Bootcamp was terrible for the Canadian PAT section. I think the only one that came close was one of those IQ publication books but they weren't that great either. I used something else too, I forgot what it was called but it helped me score a 27 on the PAT. I'll post it when I find it.
  6. The first time I studied for the MCAT I spent 6 months and only brushed off a 32. Second time I spent 2 months and got a 39. At the end, it's not about the months you spend... it's the time you put in daily and how focused you are in that time period.
  7. UofT is only good for the name but patients won't care where you went for dental school. Also, UofT's facilities are third class (I dare you to find a dental school with worse facilities than UofT). For those reasons, I would go to Dalhousie.
  8. A lot of doctors are arrogant, not surprised. I'm sure there are lots of premeds on this forum who think the same way.
  9. Hi brafadmd16, A few questions: 1. What's the class average for most of your classes? 2. Are there many Canadians in your class? 3. Do you guys get much time to do activities outside school? Thanks!
  10. You're probably okay, don't stress it too much since there's nothing you can do now. Good luck!
  11. Last time I checked, Ottawa and Western only give preferences to those who live in their perspective cities... however rules change time to time so I could be wrong. OP Apply to Mcgill, UBC, UofC and UofA if you meet any of their cutoffs.
  12. The average is usually ~75 to 80% (C to C+/B-) for courses when you are in medical and dental school in the US... which is the same average you will expect at Canadian schools except you get a lower letter grade. In short, it's the same difficulty level to get the same %, but at American schools you get a lower GPA for the same % because of their scale. But I think you get my point
  13. I'm talking about doing well in medical or dental schools in the US, they use the following scale: 94%+ = A (4.0) 90 to 94% = A- (3.7) 87 to 90% = B+ (3.3) 83 to 87% = B (3.0) That's what a few friends were telling me who are Canadians studying in the US. Obviously the scale varies from school to school but normally that's the standard scale ^
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