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  1. Curious, how do upcoming grads apply at clinics? Or how do they find out if clinics may have positions opening? Cold call and ask? Show up and drop resume off? E-mail someone from the clinic website? I’m really unsure how to proceed here. If you’ve applied, or know people who have, what are the best ways to do so, please give me some advice. Thanks
  2. Does anyone have any experience with this at all? Im familiar with the board exam process etc, but just wondering what strategy one takes when looking for actual employment in the states, as a Canadian dentist? Looking to practice on either the east or west coast after school. Im not worried about saturation right now. Any information really at all is appreciated.
  3. Does anyone have any information on this residency at UBC? Im wondering if upon graduation, would you work primarily in hospital, private practice etc? Are you able to perform general dentistry after completing a residency like this? Is there tuition? I notice a stipend given for each year of the 4 year residency, so Im assuming that means theres no tuition. How many residents do they take per year? I have considered emailing the dental college at UBC, but on their website it has directory for all the specialty programs (endo, ortho etc), and the masters/ PhD programs, but nothing about where
  4. Just curious what sort of procedure are you talking about here?
  5. This is a little off topic, but can someone give me an idea of where one can practice upon passing Canadian boards and graduating? I've tried to look for this online but I don't even really know where to start. I'm just curious if Canadian boards allow you to work in any other countries. Much appreciated.
  6. You'll have tons of time to practice motor skills in the program. Pre-clinical classes and of course after hours practice on your own time. I don't think that people with good motor skills necessarily pursue dentistry. Its a program that attracts all sorts of people, who may or may not start off with great hand skills. I wouldn't let those worries hold you back at this point. In a class of 30 or even 80+ students, I have a hard time believing that they would all be following their true calling due to their fantastic motor skills. Its not like a height and basketball correlation that we're talk
  7. I'd agree with everything they've said so far. DAT Bootcamp and IQ were they way to go for me. Feralis was a GREAT refresher for bio. Only use it if you've already covered a lot of bio otherwise its just a little brief and may leave you wondering whats going on at times. My main tip would be to do some paper PAT in addition to DAT Bootcamp. Theres something about the digital PAT that just isn't reflective of the real thing in many ways (for me at least). Best of luck
  8. seems fairly obvious to me. Please post about more important things, like solving world hunger or something. jk. Good luck
  9. I wrote the 2015 DAT. Just wanted to point out that there seems to be a trend that the PAT portion is getting increasingly difficulty. Keep that in mind, anyone who writes in the future. Congrats to everyone who wrote today. Relax and enjoy that weight being off your shoulders!
  10. I would also say start out with your own dentist. They will probably also be willing to check with their colleagues to see if you can also shadow them. Thats what mine did for me. if that doesn't work, maybe try asking around the faculty at the university nearest you? Perhaps since those clinicians are so used to working with surrounding students, maybe if you make a good case/impression on them, they would be willing to take you on as well? The key is also to not overstay your welcome when you're given the opportunity to shadow. My dentist told me that some of the aspiring dentists who sh
  11. If you have a 92.1, I would say its worth applying. That is within the typical range of accepted OOP's. Two years ago the range was a little higher, but its still worth trying. You never know what will happen. Good luck
  12. I liked it for PAT. Occasional wrong answers... but I still thought it was good and looked like the real exam. I'd say combine IQ publications with DATBootcamp, Ferallis, and Barons. Also first year bio and chem notes.
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