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  1. There is absoultely no right answer to this: In theory you can join every single extracurricular group. The events usually are more lunch-time talks than evening socials (aside from the ones that explicitly talk about being focused on that). There were people who took on prominent roles in Tachy all four years, were in the Schulich band were active in sports activities and still are now in their program of choice through CARMs. As for working, only do it if it is something you are doing for a specific reason. Don't do it for the money. As much as taking on debt from Medical school
  2. My medical education would say otherwise. I was kicked out of the room by plenty of women during my OB rotations deliveries because they "weren't comfortable" with me being there. Mind you I think a lot of that comes down to just how your resident/staff advocates on your behalf.
  3. This story always amused me. Some people might say that she got an interview but just didnt' get in so she shot herself in the foot because she probably could have made it in over the past 4 years if she kept reapplying. I actually disagree. To me, her actions reek of someone with an extreme arrogance that is unlikely to be hidden during an interview and I think she had such a fundamental character flaw that I honestly don't think she ever would get into a medical school in Canada. I don't think she blew any opportunity at all.
  4. None of the books are essential. None of the books are mandatory. Most of the books aren't particularly useful. What you probably should pick up: 1) An anatomy textbook. Western keeps cutting back on the anatomy teaching and it's really important. We still have one of the few wet labs available and it's a great learning experience. Personally I didn't really like Netter's/Gray's/Rohen's and preferred one of two books - Thieme and Moore Clinical Oriented Anatomy. I found them to be better books and if you aren't a hard-copy person there are pdf copies floating around. 2) Dubi
  5. Same. No cardio questions, maybe 2 resp questions. No ortho questions. 3 or 4 Ophtho questions. Had 7-8 Rash type - between Peds and Derm. Just a weird subset of questions. Maybe I don't really care because I'm sure I passed the thing and everything but it really didn't seem like an exam that tested your ability to be a competent R1 resident. Maybe that is just a limitation of the MCQ/CDM sections but when you give a vague passage and then it asks what you would do next...honestly 90% of the time my answer would be 'take a better history' if they offered it.
  6. Have to say, that's not a very fun exam to write. You really feel when the questions start the ramp up, and then by the time you get to the end of the multiple choice the questions had trended back down to manageable. That exam put me in my place.
  7. Character goes a long way in interviewing.........
  8. Some Fellowship programs want you to have the USMLE. The other advantage of the USMLE is for moonlighting outside the fellowship/residency program. Once you have the USLME Part 3 you have the ability to moonlight if your program allows for it.
  9. It's all about comfort level. If the Family Doctor isn't comfortable with the patient case, they are obligated to refer them to a specialist. In some cases that goes to the extreme but some of the generalizations from Pre-Med students are incredibly off base in this thread. Medicine as a whole is a consult-based profession. What often gets glossed over when discussing referral of patients is just how often services consult when you are in the hospital in an acute setting. There are surgeons who won't manage medical issues and will consult internal medicine the second something tha
  10. No, it's about the same as every year. 450 or so interviews.
  11. They don't get enough money for running CARMs.
  12. Guys. I forgot my password to CARMs or something because it won't let me log in. When is the deadline again?
  13. I'm very jealous. I got interviews to all the programs I applied to, but they mostly just wanted me to fly out to see them so they could reject me in person. Saskatoon just laughed in my face for 15 minutes. :( Also I finished tied for last in my class at my pass-fail curriculum.
  14. Plastics - Increased competitiveness this year Urology - Decreased competitiveness this year
  15. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Toronto, Western, Queens, UBC, McMaster Anesthesiology: McMaster, Saskatchewan, Calgary (phone interview), Queens, Sherbrooke, UBC, Ottawa, Alberta, Western, MUN, Toronto, McGill Cardiac Surgery: Dalhousie Dermatology: Calgary, Alberta Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan, McGill,Ottawa, Queen's, Dalhousie, Calgary, McMaster, UBC, Toronto, Manitoba, MUN, Alberta, Western Emergency Medicine: McMaster, Manitoba, Queen's, UBC Family Medicine: McMaster, Laval, NOSM, University of Toronto, Sherbrooke, UWO (Schulich), Ontario (IMG), Montreal, McGill, Sask,
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