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  1. I did nothing and travelled some. For the love of god, dont work your ass off in a job or some lab. Enjoy your freedom before the years of being busy--you have done enough lab stuff and work getting into meds. I dont know of anyone who did a lot of work or research the summer before, but they would have to be some pretty joyless people lol, the very thought of that depresses me
  2. He wont get into trouble. You might get trouble if you apply to U of T during Carms, as they do not look favorably upon it (they told me through email it was a "lowball" approach). If Toronto is not high on your residency list, then go for it.
  3. It is an awesome career tho if you dont care about the reduced patient contact - all jobs selaried at 330k/year - no call or very very rare call - academic and problem solving, many varied and fascinating problems Im really surprised its not more popular.
  4. Unfortunately, you need to do a bachelors degree. They are required for admission in Canada. The dental hygene school is useless for dentistry admissions. The ONLY thing that matters for U of T for example, is: - Grades (over 3.8 pretty much mandatory, they count your best 3 years) - DAT scores - interview (which you get if your grades and DAT scores are good enough) So basically a first step would be a bachelors degree. Unfortunately he is looking at 8 years minumum (4yrs bachelors, 4 dental school) before becoming a dentist. It does suck that the hygene school is useless
  5. Your ECs are excellent. Dont worry about the negative comments. I would consider leaving some of the smaller ECs off your app as they might distract from your more impressive ones. Honestly, with ECs like that the ECs are no longer a barrier to meds for you--focus on GPA and mcat, which can be much more difficult to excel in.
  6. Unfortunately mattg is right. What your requesting would be extremely unlikely (I would guess below a 1% chance). As others have said, your real recourse is to just kill the exam. Just start going to the library and cramming for it a few weeks in advance and it is very likely you can make up for your midterm with a 65% exam. It is definitely tough to go through a break-up, and I guess explain this to your prof if you are going to beg for a rewrite/reweight, but I seriously doubt this will help you.
  7. Would you be able to tell us what you applied to and what school you went to? Thanks, and Im sorry about your situation.
  8. At the same time, he probably needs atleast some volunteering to fill in the "volunteering" section on the ABS. Obviously hospital volunteering is usually totally useless, but stuff like Big Brothers etc could give you some really good info to tell on your abs/interview. Also, it makes you look more altruistic than playing an instrument. I would actually argue that, regrettably, volunteering for the sake of volunteering is pretty beneficial to your app contrary to what some ppl think
  9. I have heard through presentations from residents this year that pathologists earn more income per hour than any other medical specialty. Its more science-heavy than other areas, but I have to admit, the more I read about it, the more amazing it seems
  10. How do you reconcile this with all the existing tables on physician salaries? IMO I will take the many tables of averages I have seen over anecdotal evidence. Unless you guys have some other source that somehow disconfirms the existing evidence? http://www.discoveryfinance.com/national-average-income-for-medical-doctors-canada.html These figures are a quick example I found for averages. In addition to this, some money is taken away from this as overhead.
  11. Unfortunately, just because you have seen SOME psych jobs that pay a lot, the average does not represent that. The Canadian average is about 160k, and in Toronto, especially for new psychiatrists, it can be as low as 110k. But I agree with you, the lifestyle in terms of hours is WAY better--but if you do enough research (I have done a lot on psych), my figures are accurate. Psychiatrists love their jobs, and there are many reasons for that--but these reasons are things like 'they find dealing with mental health fascinating'--its not that they get paid BADLY, but they are the lowest pai
  12. -A lot of work, and relatively relaxed residency -The negative of course being it is the lowest paid of any medical specialty
  13. ^^^ I dont see why they HAVE to declare it. Sure, write it down if it will seem obvious in the interview, but if not, I would see absolutely no reason to disclose.
  14. Not to be argumentative but...thats not really true. That is a redic rosy outlook. The average family doc makes well under 150k after overhead and fees, which are very significant in the first year, whether starting your own practice or working under someone. Specialists make more (except maybe peds and psych)--but specialists also have high overhead. Looking at realistic statistics, even a dermatologist averages only about 240k after overhead. The 500k figure is way out there...
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