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  1. So for those interested, a group was started - "Canadian Medical Student Support Network". Please feel free to join
  2. Hello everyone! I was wondering if there is any group already set up where medical students that have children can chat with each other and share experiences or tips? I found it helpful to chat with a senior student prior to starting school but would like to connect with others throughout the program as well. If there is anything let me know, otherwise I will go ahead and maybe start a facebook group. I'll share the link for anyone interested!
  3. This actually happened to me last year, although I found out about my pregnancy before receiving the acceptance. It was a difficult decision for sure but I ended up deferring for one year. My son is now 10 months and I'll be starting school in the fall. Thinking back I don't regret my decision. What I suggest is to make a list of pros and cons. Also, it helps to talk to the school if you have any concerns and gather all the information you need for decision making. If you want to know more about my experience feel free to PM me. In the end the decision will be yours, there is no right or wrong
  4. On the letter that I received it mentioned that I have until June 17 to accept the offer and pay my deposit.
  5. Hi. I did get an email in the end on Tuesday at 4:30 from Chrissy Bartlett followed by one from the graduate studies confirming my acceptance. If you still have not heard about the status of your application email Crissy, she should be able to tell you more about it. Good luck!
  6. For those still waiting to hear from Dal you could try checking the Application Summary on Dal online. I still haven't received a final acceptance letter or email but for the Application status and Decision tab on Dal online mine says accepted - deposit requested. I assume the letters should come sometimes soon. Good luck to everyone!
  7. Does anyone know when the final acceptance letters go out for Dal OT?
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