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  1. Had the same choice last year (also from Calgary) and I definitely agree, it is super nice to be close to friends and family! If you have any specific questions/concerns about UofA, just PM me!
  2. Result: Accepted to MAM (off waitlist) Timestamp: May 30 wGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 517 (131/125/131/130) ECs: Coaching, research, athletics, various volunteering (see my UofA post for more details!) Essays: Did them very last minute but I felt that they were still very strong and connected to the CANMEDs/my personal experiences well! Interview: Overall I felt that it was good about my answers, there were some instances where I said things without really thinking it through, 3 stations I felt I was able to connect with the interviewer (not necessarily impress however?) and
  3. I got off waitlist last Wednesday to MAM but will be declining to stay closer to home! Good luck to any waitlisters still waiting!
  4. Result: Accepted!!!!!!!! Year: BSc 2017 MCAT: 517 (131, 125, 131, 130) GPA: 3.96 (?) EC: Coaching (~900 hours mixed volunteer/paid, long term, before high school till after graduation), Research (two summers NSERC USRA plus one semester), Various Volunteering (Homeless shelter, school clubs etc. ~300 hours total), Clinic Volunteer (~500 hours over 3 years), Part Time Work during School Year, Athletics (huge part of life), received a 4 out of 17 last year but really tried to write my activities like UofC's Top 10 (what I learned, impact, link to CANMEDS)
  5. Rejected (Second Time Post-Interview)IPGPA: 4.0MCAT: 517 (125 CARS)BSc 2017 GraduatedEC: Coaching, research, various volunteering and athletics, felt I improved my Top 10 a lot but will see soonInterview: Prepared so much more this year and felt pretty good about the panel. There were some bad MMI stations (2?) but for the most part felt good. Not sure about the group station?I know I'm pretty lucky to receive an interview but it's hard not to feel heartbroken. I don't have much confidence now but hopefully my other two schools go better... Congrats to those that got in or are waitlisted, you
  6. Result: Refused-Ltd Space Available Geography: OOP PreqGPA: 4.00 MCAT: not submitted ECs: Coaching, research, various volunteering, athletics Year: Completed BSc 2017 I personally thought I bombed my interview I barely got off the OOP waitlist for interview so I was really grateful for the opportunity to even come! Congratulations to everyone that got in and good luck for those waiting either till May or on the waitlist! To those who have to wait till next cycle, I know the struggle but if you really want it, don't give up! Having just gotten any interview is a privileg
  7. I also felt like this haha, I got some emotion and laughs from them but I felt I was in a monologue most of the time, very different from my experience with UofC I do agree that UofA was pretty striaghtfoward and perhaps even too standard. I loved the school spirit and the enthusiasm of the students! But honestly, I’m just praying anyone takes me haha. We can only wait now, good luck everyone!
  8. TIME STAMP: 2:15 pm MST Result: Invited! cGPA: 3.98 (but shows as 3.96 on app?) MCAT: 517 ECs: Coaching, research, various volunteering, athletics Year: BSc 2017 Geography : IP Really surprised! I got 4/17 on ECs last year (minimum score I think). Good luck everyone, excited to meet some of you!
  9. TIME STAMP: Feb 9 @ 10:16 AM (MST) Interview Date: March 4 (MD), trying to reschuelde due to conflict Result: Invite! cGPA, wGPA: 3.93, 3.96 MCAT: 517 (131/125/131/130) ECs: Coaching, research (no pubs), various volunteering and athletics Essays: Honestly I woke up at 4 am and did them till the deadline haha but I felt they were still strong and well constructed. References: Really strong, I’ve developed really strong relationships with them over the years and kept in touch! Year: Completed BSc. Geography: OOP Sup
  10. TIME STAMP: February 1, 2018 (8:00 PM MST) Result: Invite (Off Waitlist) wGPA: 3.98 (?) MCAT: Not Submitted ECs: Coaching, Research (No Pubs), Various Volunteering, Athletics Year: Completed BSc. CASPER: Didn't feel good but apparently went well? Did not receive invites to McMasters (125 CARs) or Ottawa however. IP/OOP/International: OOP Letter of EC: No I can't believe this! Good luck to everyone and I look forward to meeting some of you!
  11. Result: Reject Time Stamp: 3:07 PM EST wGPA/cGPA: 3.93 Year: Completed BSc. MCAT: 517 (131/125/131/130) ECs: Coaching, Research, Various Volunteering, Athletics Geography: OOP Good luck everyone!
  12. Rejection Time Stamp: 6:47 pm Location: OOP Stream: English wGPA: 3.895 (Did poorly my final year so the wGPA formula hurt!) Current year: Completed BSc. ECs: Coaching, Research, Various Volunteering, Athletics Casper: I didn't feel great about it but got "waitlisted" at McGill as OOP if that means anything? Good luck everyone!
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