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  1. Those of you applying to Ottawa. Make sure to let them know you experienced technical difficulties.
  2. Make sure to inform uOttawa. This is their first year using the CASPer and they need to know if something like this is happening. The CASPer requires quite a bit of attention and it's not fair that some applicants get a smooth test while others are riddled with server side errors.
  3. I had no idea invites/rejections had been sent out. I still haven't received any word. I quadruple checked that everything was received on time and submitted. What gives?! Looks like I'll be calling them tomorrow... doubt it will be good news.
  4. Any word on what this means (taken from the email): " Please note that all of the interview day is considered your interview and not just the time spent with the interviewers." Does this mean we will be monitored throughout the day? I remember last year a lot of the current med students were hanging out with us before the interview..... i wonder if they were spying on us!
  5. Invite Date Stamp: 9:38 AM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.93 Current year: Masters ECs: Few publications, tons of scholarships, mediocre to low level of volunteer positions.
  6. Woooo sniped a Jan 23rd in the big city
  7. I've done the same. Judging by the number of people that still need to rebook their test time I think another time slot is being made. I hope that's the case since 10:30 is very much a less than ideal time slot for me at the moment
  8. I'm guessing so.... no idea at this point really though. I called technical support but all their lines are filled.
  9. Damn. I hope they mean the opportunity to rewrite in a few hours.
  10. Didn't hear anything about this... I've been struggling since 8:30 to get on the site. You'd think they would release a mass email or something. Any word on what happens now? This was one of the only time slots that worked for me
  11. Oh my goodness, totally missed the first category for normal scholarships and what not.
  12. Just got word back from admissions: "The section is referring to research-specific honours, research-specific scholarships, and research-specific awards."
  13. Wait so we don't list every scholarship we've ever had? I took that section to be "list your a ) research-specific honors, b ) scholarships, and c ) awards during university. I'm I mistaken in this? Also, Does the traditional limit of 2 pages apply to the academic CV in this sense?
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