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  1. Congrats Doctorfresh! I am beyond happy for you!!!!
  2. Has anyone applied to OSAP? I'm wondering what the process is? Do they check your bank accounts etc. to see your "net worth"? Or do they go by the numbers that you input into the application forms? Any help would be appreciated guys!
  3. Thanks - I made sure to do that Hope it works out for you b/w Ottawa and Toronto Eve32!!
  4. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I have removed myself from Ottawa's waitlist for the English stream! Best of luck to all those on the waitlists, I went through it last summer and I know how difficult it can be --- Hang in there!!!!
  5. Do we send in our transcripts via OMSAS or get them from our university and mail them to U of T?
  6. I was wondering if we should wait until being assigned to an academy (St. George) before starting to look for places to live in? In what area do the majority of students live?! If any upper year U of T meds could give some insight, it would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Yes! I got an interview invite as well! Keeping my fingers crossed for you doctorfresh!
  8. @doctorfresh - How was you experience this year compared to last year?!
  9. That happened to me last year. I e-mailed uOttawa and they changed my date for me. Hope that helps!
  10. Does anybody know if the chemistry pre-req must include lab. I have a gen chem w/ lab (half year/one semester) and I'm trying to sign up for one more gen chem course but I am not sure if it has to include lab to be eligible. Any feedback would be much appreciated!
  11. Yes, but a friend of mine and myself are very close to the 3.97 gpa, and we have still haven't heard anything since the 13th of June...
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