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  1. Hey guys,


    Congrats to everyone who received invites! My interview date for Ottawa is the exact same as for McMaster. Do you think this warrants a phone call? Or would an email replying to the interview invite be sufficient? Do conflicting interviews with other Ontario medical schools qualify as "exceptional circumstances?"





    That happened to me last year. I e-mailed uOttawa and they changed my date for me. :) Hope that helps! 

  2. Because the class may not be full?


    There's also no use using PM101 and FB movement as a way to see if the wait list is still moving. I know people who aren't on the Facebook group who accepted and people who aren't on PM101 and have yet to join the FB group.


    Yes, but a friend of mine and myself are very close to the 3.97 gpa, and we have still haven't heard anything since the 13th of June...

  3. I don't know of anyone being accepted recently. But, I emailed the admission office last week and they said the waitlist is "still moving", however, they could not comment on how much more/longer it will move.


    They have been saying that for the past two weeks, and there has been no mvt on here or the fb group... :/

    It seems that the last gpa she stopped out was 3.97 for interview score of 3.0 ...

  4. Congrats to all of those who have been offered a place off of the waitlist!

    If you can update your post in the accepted/waitlisted/rejected thread, or even place a new post there, that would be great!


    See you all in September!




    Any idea if there will be anymore wait list offers going out tomorrow or next week GP?!

  5. It's at 120 members and there are at least 20 that are admins or 2nd/3rd year med students.


    Long time lurker and finally managed to make an account!! I also know a few people in that group that have accepted offers elsewhere and are still within the members list. So, the number is not very accurate. Let's hope a new batch of calls starts around after lunch like yesterday!

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