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  1. hey bigshoes89, awesome. thanks a lot! i really appreciate the effort you put into this! this is good to know, it gives me some hope! thanks!
  2. hey! does anyone know how much the OOP waitlist ended up moving last year? thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! I have an upcoming interview with McGill and I was wondering if any current students/individuals who have interviewed with McGill in the past could speak to the interview format. Is it a traditional MMI? Or is there something unique to McGill? I would love to hear about your experiences. Thanks!
  4. I am also interested in prepping for the ottawa interview. available over skype. seems like a lot of interested people over here, should we set up a group?
  5. I am not 100% sure, but I do not think you can do your 4 year undergrad degree, and then add on 2 more years of HBA, i think you have to start it in your third year of undergrad. Also, a 4.0 in biz2257 is definitely possible, I did it this year with no past business education other than accounting in high school, but it is a lot of work. Also thanks for everyone who applied to this thread, it is much appreciated, I ended up going the dual degree option, so I'll see over the next couple of years how the decision pans out. Thanks.
  6. Hey Guys, Hope all is going well. I am a student entering my third year in the BMSc. program and I was wondering what the people on this forum recommended in terms of the 1.0 Category B course we have to take. A lot of people I have spoken to recommend Classics 2300, but I know a lot of medical schools, especially those in the US, require that we complete an English credit. So I was wondering what the general thoughts on this forum were, and if there were any recommended english courses. Thanks
  7. Hello All, I am going to be entering my third year at UWO as a BMSc student with goals of one day attending a medical school in Canada. My plan from high school was to complete a dual degree with an Honours in Business Administration from the Ivey School of Business and my original BMSc degree. I recently got accepted to the Richard Ivey School of Business, and am now confused whether the dual degree option will help or hinder me in achieving my goals. My greatest fear with pursuing the dual degree option is that I have been told that the grades in Ivey tend to be quite a bit lower
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