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  1. Not to be negative but I wouldn't expect TOO much movement for UBC. If you look at the stats/trend over the years it seems to move less each year. I know several people (myself included) who have more than one offer and will be choosing UBC
  2. Yeah that is true, not what I was trying to say. Seems very weird that everyone in that circuit didn't get in.
  3. Having spoken to prior MMI interviewers/markers and whether people want to admit it or not, chance/luck plays a pretty big factor in the MMI. Is your evaluator having a good/bad day goes a long way.
  4. I've heard a lot of disdain from UBC grads about how "pointless" a lot of first/second year was. I believe it focuses heavily on basic sciences. The curriculum personally at Calgary appeals to me more, I just love the city of Vancouver too much to turn it down.
  5. Exact same problem. Checking in for answers. So far from what I see, I almost enjoy the "lack" of basic sciences at the U of C program. Being the guinea pigs for the new curriculum at UBC is also kind of freaky. I talked to people on this forum (many from UBC) who are now in their fourth year and they said if they could go back they would do a 3 year program since they are bored/burned out now. I don't know what to make of it honestly and am pretty torn. The only thing I know for myself is that imo Vancouver is a nicer/funner environment than Calgary (subjective)
  6. Accepted. VMFP - first choice. GPA: ~91 MCAT: 33 NAQ: Scored a 30 last year Interview: The #1 difference by far compared to before. I walked in this year and decided to not follow ANY of my prep. I talked like a normal person would in a conversation; I barely used any of the "explore perspectives" sort of thing. UBC in my opinion is looking for genuine answers, not much more. I felt I bombed 2 stations and laughed about it when I walked out of the room. Don't give up people. If you can land an interview, you CAN get in. I hated to hear it but it is the truth! 3 CYCLES LATER!!!!! May
  7. Last year I remember getting rejected like 30 minutes after one of my friends sent me a text saying rejected Survive one more hour to be more safe?
  8. May 8th pls be nice May 15th - forever trolling my life
  9. Don't beat yourself up too much. I prepped extensively and literally felt good coming out of every MMI station. I got a terrible score. On the flip side I was accepted to Calgary, and used the exact same "strategy" at that MMI. The question styles IMO were not significantly different. A lot of it just seems to come down to chance as Maruo points out. I can honestly say if I didn't get in to Calgary I wouldn't know what to do differently this year around. I prepped with so many different kinds of people and took feedback from all of them.
  10. This is my third and final time I've never made the waitlist for ubc Third time applying to UBC First time for every other school
  11. Worst feeling in the world is trying to sleep in late the day of, somehow waking up early and then sitting by your phone/laptop/OAS portal waiting for the result This year I will be sitting outside in the sun
  12. yeah I completely believe this. It is up in the air right now. If I get VFMP I am not too sure what I will choose (would prefer Calgary over Kelowna/PG/Island)
  13. Yup I sure think so. The questions at Calgary/Alberta IMO weren't THAT different in style
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