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  1. Anyone thinking of dropping their Sept 18/19 test date in the GTA? Gold zone deadline coming up ($155, refund) next week. I'm looking for a spot and really hoping not to travel to the US. thanks
  2. thanks, what part of the application do you guys think a PhD bonus gets "added" to? or is it hard to speculate? perhaps it's just a bonus to the overall pre/post-interview score, like mac?
  3. contact the registrar, not the md admissions team. it seems like the U of A registrar's office is the one who calculates/processes gpa/transcripts for the md admissions team. let us know what you find out! by the way, your 3.93, was that average of all 4 years, with worst year removed? was the 3.83 all 4 years without the worst year removed?
  4. Alright, I wanted y'all keeners to read this message. Congrats to all of you on submitting your app. It's no simple feat to even have a chance to line up for this proverbial race. From grinding through courses, the mcat, ECs, and references, you have submitted an amazing app and can now rest until the next stage. But rather than a race, realize that this process is a journey and that it takes the average accepted student ~2.5 applications to study medicine in Canada. For some of you, becoming a physician is a career option, while for others, it's the only thing you can see yourself
  5. no it doesn't. No need to worry/"looking unprepared". Sh** happens. I don't know why some of the users above are trying to freak you out on "unpreparedness". You aren't lying on your app and you actually did the job. Just list your colleague's personal email. You will be fine. Good luck on your app!
  6. Hi all, Is U of A not revealing their interview ranking formula this year? Is it a black box compared to previous years? I've noticed they've removed the /33 GPA, MCAT, EC calculations from their website this year. Perhaps it's a more holistic review (with references and etc) this year and no one knows? thanks
  7. thank you for such a detailed reply! I very much appreciate it!
  8. I can only seem to find the TBR PDFs for the old mcat, not the new ones.
  9. Buying the TBR (berkeley review) books if anyone has them in BC! Doesn't seem like there's many who use these books in BC/Vancouver. PM me if you are selling! Thanks
  10. Can 1st year PhD candidates at IMS apply to a transfer into the MD/PhD program? What about in upper years? Or is it the norm at U of T to finish a PhD program before applying into the MD portion? Can't find anything on U of T's website on this. cheers
  11. You have to have the publication accepted for you to list it in the "Pubs" section of the app. Not just submitted. Submissions do not count for a separate entry in the research column. You can, however, weave this into your activities/description.
  12. Passion. Commitment. Responsibility. What drives totesmcgoats to be totesmcgoats? Does totesmcgoats do activities for med school app or because totesmcgoats really wanted to do it, regardless of med school? hope this helps
  13. What is the GPA for minimum file review as a grad applicant? Lastly, are they still accepting the old mcat for this cycle? Thanks
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