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  1. Hey friends!! Here is the Facebook page for the Class of 2021 page for U of A! Please feel free to join if you have any questions, would like to meet your peers before the school year, or would like to learn more!
  2. Kathy Carter at Scotia has been really great and hasn't gotten tired of all my questions yet! She was really helpful and provided a lot of in depth answers, and has been very patient. Haha. Here is her email: kathy.carter@scotiabank.com / phone: 780.448.7631 And she works at the Edmonton Main Branch (10050 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5K 0M8, Transit 90019). This information should also be on the CIBC website as I think she's the official rep for Scotia to U of A for LOC.
  3. I'm working with Scotia now, they won't issue me my LOC until I have proof of enrolment. (I have a conditional one until my police check clears, but they said it's not enough).
  4. Here is a relevant thread: "How can I get a cool member title". I don't think it works for everyone though.
  5. Did you find out anything about TD? I had a friend tell me that they recently changed their plan and that it's a lot better now.
  6. Definitely. It's whatever floats your boat, and it's different for everyone. Definitely something to consider! I had a pet during my undergrad (and still do), and it can get pricey moving around. (Ie. the cost to get your pet on your flight, making sure if they can't get on your flight that someone is on the other end to pick them up... Getting airline approved travel containers... Vet papers to show good health... A new cage and supplies at your destination depending on how far away it is, etc.) There are definitely a lot of costs that you don't really consider, but as long as you're will
  7. Not sure where you're from but in Alberta I think you can be evicted if you have a pet without your landlords permission. Means finding a place is a lot more difficult, and you'll be saddled with additional fees depending on where you go. (When I did my UG in Kingston, apparently it's against a law to evict a tenant for having a pet, so even if you're landlord says you're not allowed to have a pet, they can't do much about it as long as they don't cause damage...) I'm not super familiar with all the different laws, but keep in mind it's different from place to place and it can affect what
  8. Also, keep in mind that 24 isn't that old... It seems like you've applied to Albertan schools, and Calgary has a higher average age (~27?). Med schools have extremely diverse classes - so don't worry about it. It's not a race!
  9. Where have you applied? Correct me if I'm wrong, but some schools will give you advice on where you lacked, or give you a point breakdown of where you can improve. I don't think that's necessarily true... I think how long it takes you to get in depends on finding out your weaknesses and addressing them, in addition to luck. Just because they didn't get in on their first try doesn't mean that it's not a good approach. I have non-traditional ECs and I got in on my first try, and I know cookie-cutter premeds who didn't get in this year. (I mean none of us can really say for sure what sc
  10. Took my mother to an ENT today to get some things checked out (had some tests done and there was a possibility of cancer), and the ENT essentially gave her a clean bill of health. The physician also turned out to be an alumni from the school I'll be attending in September, which generated some interesting discussion.
  11. I volunteered briefly at their ReStore... It's pretty cool! I helped to manage and update their website with photos of things in the ReStore, and I've also volunteered at some of their other events (ie. gift wrapping at Christmas, etc.). They're always looking for people to help out in a variety of areas. Check with your local branch to see what types of jobs/positions they have available!
  12. Prep courses really aren't necessary. I did an online one and it was a struggle. I much rather do the readings on my own, but it was nice to have a guide in terms of how to go through the subjects. The lessons/classes were just a slightly less detailed replica of the books. I had a friend who went to in person classes and a lot of the students just stopped showing up... I also had a friend last year who just self-studied rigorously with a few of the books (no classes) and got a 522. It's different for everyone! Hope it works out.
  13. For those of you who did travelling... Where did you go? I want to travel but I'm really worried about finances as I'm paying for school on my own, with not much in savings.
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