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  1. No need for professional photos. Our committee just needs them to remember who you are. We put print out the pictures of all the interviewees and put them on the whiteboard, discuss, and rearrange, to come up with the rank order list. We do a lot of "put that one in front of that one!" A nice head shot with professional attire and nice smile in a plain background is fine. Make sure it's in colour and not black and white. One candidate sent us black and white and we were all wtf?
  2. I bought a house at the beginning of residency with my LOC for the 20% downpayment. Outside GTA. Price still doubled by fellowship. Go for it.
  3. Examples of being weird: - wearing a bright green suit for your carms interview - eating a packet of butter for lunch in rounds - drinking tim horton's coffee thru a stir stick - asking me about my hobbies when i'm in the middle of a case I could go on.
  4. Depends on the clerk. I've sent some home to save them from scut work with zero educational value but I've also sent some home for being of zero value lol.
  5. So bad grades first two years and good grades in third year so far? It's similar to how my undergrad started.
  6. I did carms selection as senior resident for a couple of years. I did vote down some applications that had negative items. One said "Not very interested in this [core] specialty" with no elaboration. One failed a rotation for unknown reason, probably because of an exam. And another one failed a rotation due to professionalism (was caught smoking in the hospital). They didn't get interviews but the rest of their applications were also just mediocre. I'd appeal yours.
  7. No idea if they plan to issue any more licences. I don't believe they have for 20+ years.
  8. Can't bill privately in Ontario. The few outpatient MR and CT clinics in Ontario are operating under licences handed out many years ago, and none since. I believe the oxford group had two of these licences, which got bought by another group for many millions of dollars. Quebec rads can bill private because of the Chaoulli v. quebec case, but, for some reason, that case did not set a precedent for the rest of Canada. The ongoing Cambie v. BC case looks like it will be precedent setting if ruled for the plaintiff. http://www.thecourt.ca/cambie-surgeries-v-bc-a-constitutional-right-to-
  9. Is there any interest among physician assistants in Canada to work in radiology? Can you undergo specialized training to do basic image interpretation?
  10. Agree with lactic. Don't expect any thursday call shifts >:(
  11. at my program, we looked at research as a marker for your commitment to the specialty. one presentation/poster/publication does the trick.
  12. Calibrate your behavior to your preceptor and overall vibe of the group. With some preceptors, I don't hold back. With some others, it's super serious. Had one preceptor who's autistic af. Obviously my jokes didn't land. On your surgical rotation, regardless of preceptor personality, if the volume of blood in the suction canister goes above 500 mL, you stfu.
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