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  1. If you enroll in the DCS program, you have to finish your PhD first (3ish years) then you enroll in the DDS program (4 years)
  2. No 2020s have dropped out. And the 2020 class will be getting a 2019 student who had to take a year off for personal reasons. So I don't think there will be any room. However, as Pingu48 said, the best thing to do is to call and ask.
  3. Best of luck to everyone interviewing this weekend! I hope you all enjoy the experience and enjoy the time you spend at schulich!
  4. I don't see why it would be an issue. Just try to keep it small and I suggest you put it on the on the floor next to your chair once you are in the interview room (rather than on the table).
  5. You will be escorted from the waiting room to the interview room by a first year when it is time for your interview. The interviewers should already be in the interview room, however, they step out of the interview room for lunch. I hope that answers your question.
  6. The room is not too big. You will be sitting on a round table with three interviewers. You will be escorted from the waiting room to the interview room by one of the first years (so don't worry about finding the interview room by yourself).
  7. When I interviewed, I wore a pant suit. However other female interviewees were wearing a variety of outfits that included skirts and dresses. I think the best way to decide, is to pick something professional and comfortable. Good luck!
  8. The tours will just be for the dental school. So just indoor. We will have hangers for coats, I believe. But no specific storage room. Maybe you could hang your stuff with your coat. And I don't think there is an issue with going on tours on Sunday (if your interview is saturday)
  9. Just use the CD and do the practice questions on the CD
  10. Good luck to everyone who received an interview! Message me if you have general questions about interview day (I will not be answering specific questions about the interview)
  11. Our class average was 90%, and the range of averages was 84-94%. So since your average falls in the range and is near the average, you are in a good position. But the final decision won't just be based on your average. So if you have some EC's that set you apart from other applicants, that would be helpful.
  12. Hmm... I wish I could answer your question, but I don't want to make things up and provide misleading information. What we were told at the beginning of the year was that: if you had very high grades but average/not-so-stellar EC's, you still had a chance to receive an interview due to your academic success OR if you had a GPA on the lower side (>83%ish), but you had great EC's or a graduate degree, you had a shot at an interview due to your other accomplishments.
  13. We were told that those with lower GPAs, made up for it with stellar EC'S and graduate degrees. But we obviously were not given details.
  14. There was no reasoning behind it, simply a mistake by someone on the admissions committee. It should have been 19
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