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  1. I only received confirmation for the documents/deposit I sent. I received two emails from OMSAS when I used SAM for the firm accept though.
  2. Honestly, probably a few days before the test I brushed up on some ethical situations from books/online journals. It's not what you study but rather how fast you can think within a time limit and give a structured answer to the questions. It's better to know how to format/structure the thought process for what you believe in and to be able to type fast rather than knowing policies etc. for Doing Right scenarios. Make sure to do a few practice questions beforehand to familiarize yourself with the exam structure (3 questions in 5 mins per scenario etc.). I think the CASPer website give
  3. There's definitely hope. There's usually movement until the end of June I think (or even beyond that?). Good luck everyone! LOL
  4. Result: Accepted!! Time-stamp: 6:57 AM wGPA: 3.93 Stream: English Geography: IP EC: diverse/long term, PM for details Current year: UG complete Interview: Thought the interview went smoothly, pretty much like a conversation! Extremely grateful and will be accepting. Can't wait to see you guys in the next few months!
  5. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 4:35 PM wGPA: 3.97 Year: UG Complete MCAT: 513 ECs: PM me Geography: IP
  6. I'm also going to have my mock interview that afternoon so I'm interested as well.
  7. Invite Date Stamp: 24/01/2016 - 03:40 PM (Can't remember exactly, will check back in a bit) Location: OOO, IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.93 Current year: UG complete ECs: Everyone has different interests of course, I feel they are varied/long term, PM for details Casper: I felt decent about it, 2 or 3 stations I was unsure of Extremely grateful for this opportunity!
  8. I wonder how they'll require students to write CASPer considering Ontario applicants aren't usually scheduled to write it until after the OMSAS deadline in October.
  9. They may be using it as a checkpoint as in they might have a certain 'score' they expect from this test, and whoever is at or above this score will have their file reviewed (assuming they meet the GPA requirement). Just speculating of course
  10. Done! I thought 2-3 of the stations were a bit vague (compared to last year at least) but overall not too bad. Good luck guys, time to watch some bball.
  11. Boston/Chicago for me tonight LOL I was against AD in one of my leagues this week, so yea I know that feeling.
  12. I would hope for a reschedule if it's not up in the next hour - there's basketball to be watched tonight
  13. I didn't refresh and the 15 minutes I had are now up; the page says I have no reservations anymore lol. The timer just ran out without the test starting even though I clicked the button to start. I'm sure they'll resolve it, hopefully in the next few minutes.
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