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  1. Do core rotations even matter in terms of carms match? You don't get a grade for your rotations so you just need to pass. You don't need to get reference letters from core rotations either. Electives are king?
  2. How many times can you try for the CCFP EM 2+1 carms match? Is it only once like normal carms?
  3. Seems alright to me. Pathologists are some of the nicest people in medicine so you really won't be a monkey if that's your concern.
  4. I've always been a bit confused as to why med school is an undergraduate degree and not a graduate degree. Especially since our degree says doctor of medicine, like a doctor of philosophy. Is this a historical thing? What does graduate even mean?
  5. Here's the realistic picture most med schools don't consider summer/spring courses. your GPA will eliminate you at almost all schools. U of C you might have a chance. U of A and OOP schools, you need to hope for a miracle. But if you get good grades for the next 2 years then you got a good chance. The startup is a cool gimmick and will definitely get you some points but it's not enough. GPA is holding you back.
  6. Ignore the people saying you should mind your own business. This is ridiculous. If anything we should be encouraging whistleblowers. I am involved on the CFMS and I have heard faculties from more than one school express concern about people who slip through the cracks. In my own school you can identify these individuals rather easily. If you report her the faculty will investigate and will not simply blacklist her. If their investigations show sound evidence then this individual rightly should be blacklisted. If not then no harm done. I feel that many of the people who have told you to mi
  7. I don't think you're winy I've done MCAT with and without work before and my experience is that dedicating 100% to the MCAT without summer research boosted my score by a lot. If you're anything like me and you found that you couldn't give it your all while working then I'd suggest just taking the 2 months. Your last 2 years will make you competitive for most schools so you're fine. Like others have said law is very different from med and I would strongly advise you to maybe job shadow law or med (if you can) before you commit.
  8. I don't get it. If you look at the more competitive specialties: derm, opthal,, rads, plastics, they all have higher income relative to other medical specialties. But isn't EM is a measly 200k/year? Why is it competitive? I don't get it.
  9. I've done research all throughout undergrad and I've always had funding for all 4 summers. This year I didn't get funding (I thought medical students get priority for grants!). Not sure if it's because of a poor reference letter from my previous PI or because the project isn't high impact enough. Anyways I was just wondering if research without funding is even worth it. Does this even help for carms? I also wonder if program directors will wonder what's wrong with me that I couldn't get funding this summer. I'm very disappointed I did not get funding as well especially since I've gotten it for
  10. I like math so I hope you don't find this request annoying. Can you break that down for me? I don't understand how you got 1.6 million or 2.2 million.
  11. It seems like family issues is what is impacting your performance. Maybe consider taking a year or a semester off to sort out those issues first? You're chances are not 0 by any means. If you can get 3.8 in 1 semester you can do it in all semesters given that you're not distracted. 3.8 is good enough for many schools.
  12. Sigh why can't other niche specialties do the same... What organization controls residency seats and what do they base the quota off of (funding, demand, government pressures)?
  13. No one cares. Long as you don't have a lot of Ws. I never got one but one of my classmate has and he still got in.
  14. It's unfortunate that the 8.5% will only be average return though :/ you don't get the benefits of compounding that math teachers always talk about if it's not a consistent 8.5% every year.
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