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  1. Just wanted to bump this and see where other schools are at in terms of vaccinating? the MUHC (one of our biggest sites with two main teaching hospitals, and it's own "CIUSSS" which is how regions are divided in Quebec) announced today med students are not in the priority list of initial rollout so we won't be getting vaccinated through them anytime soon. Other hospitals have started but supply is weak right now. Approx 40/180 students vaccinated with first dose. Updates from others?
  2. I'm in Quebec and have used Sogemec for med school and will be transitioning to RBC for residency. Sogemec is the "official pick" of the FMEQ i believe and has decent coverage and prices (it's free until clerkship i think). RBC is good for residency when you have a salary. That's my personal opinion (young and healthy).
  3. I don't think so - you could always email the admissions office and find out! but i dont think so. even during med school the clinical experiences in french are your rotations.
  4. matching for residency? absolutely. you will have a french portion of the interview so ensure you prepare for that. I think you can get away with not speaking fluently but its being less and less tolerated. The middle eastern residents all manage though, however they're largely in surgical specialties and there isn't much conversation involved in those patient interviews. They rely a lot on med students for translation.
  5. thanks for all your advice - problem with LOC is i used it for a condo so i have quite a high load on it and wanted to make sure I had some wiggle room for residency in case of any unexpected debt otherwise would totally use that. For the car i want (a coveted rav4 hybrid) interest at the dealer is 5-6% unfortunately, so that's why i'm looking into a bank. I will definitely be using a chunk from LOC for the down, just looking into what options would have the lowest interest rate otherwise.
  6. I was told by Queen's FM it's for r/o purposes only - no idea what the cut off score is was my first time taking it. hope it went decent :S
  7. fair enough thank you all! some of them say suggested and aren't strict, others say less than or max xxx words so that's good advice.
  8. Are they quite strict? anyone have an issue going 50 over? or is it better to be cautious and ensure you're within the word limits for the ones that are explicit?
  9. yes i think it's started...i just know of students who are rotating at hospitals being told no for now because they're not technically employees. i am hopeful that people rotating in more high risk rotations will have access to the vaccine.
  10. I've felt that in general whether it was being removed from clerkship or hearing about the plans for our graduation/curriculum we students have had to advocate so hard for ourselves to be a priority. we were always the last school in quebec to find out what the plan was, and would hear things from other schools first and then receive an email at the end. it's not in their control as much for us to receive vaccines, it's determined by the regions and hospitals but if the school doesnt protect, value and advocate for its students why would the hospitals? there are administrators, nutritionists a
  11. In quebec have heard students in Mcgill Gatineau, Laval, Sherbrooke and UdeM starting to receive - but of course not mcgill mtl. shocker. Also saw some u of t students have started receiving.
  12. Hello - i was wondering how its possible to finance a car with no income? I've been told by CIBC i need "proof of medical license" which i wouldn't get until August, and by Scotia that I need "proof of income and pay" which I wouldn't have until July so I'm not sure how to do this. Do i need co-signer? Should i pay cash with LOC? Any advice/help would be appreciated.
  13. thats terrible - sorry to hear this. where are you located? we haven't heard news either but clearly enough doses for us since they're all just sitting in freezers..
  14. we were told by FMEQ that med 3/4 are the same as other hospital employees and are being prioritized the same. this is good info - pass along to your other schools so they can ensure you're also prioritized!
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