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  1. oh yes i think you're right - so the MCQ pure part (part 1) will have 3-5 options instead of just 5. and the second half the clinical cases part remains the same. thank you!
  2. yes agree - i think it's confusing and would best be resolved by emailing MCC directly. I don't think in previous sittings there has been "one best answer" with 4 incorrect answers - my understanding is there are a few correct answers and this was the problem they sought to fix and ease the burden on students writing. I will email to clarify. The clinical cases section is short answer i thought? Anyway all to be clarified directly with the MCC. Thanks for the input.
  3. Thank you so much for your response - MCC resources are so expensive but sigh, perhaps i will eat the cost as per what you're saying - i keep re-reading it and i'm not sure i agree: The options will range from three to five. The list of options will include one best answer and two to four incorrect options, known as distractors. - to me this says there is one best answer (as opposed to multiple correct answers as in the past) i think the wording is just really confusing and they mean theres 3-5 options, so either 2-4 incorrect answers (if you have 3 options, 2 are incorrect, if you
  4. hey y'all - unfortunately for this year the deals have changed for students and Canada q bank was unable to give a fair subscription price to the student associations for this year, so FMEQ went with Amboss instead. I have heard good things about Amboss, but my understanding is canada q bank is better for the public health/ethics/canadian specific portion of the exam which now is majority of the exam, but amboss/uworld is better for the medicine side of things. Would love to hear thoughts. a qbank subscription for 2 months is $135 (i'm ok to pay this considering price of MCC resources AND no a
  5. I wrote a response earlier. I’m in OB and it’s been fine and great. Very low risk. They test all patients and there’s no lack of PPE or anything. You get a mask a day and basically just go about the same usual business just wearing a mask most of the time! Same duties as before covid just with a mask. OB was generally unaffected. There are less clinics and the schedule had to shift because many outpatient and elective surgeries were cancelled but things are picking up again and babies don’t really choose when to be born pandemic or not so it’s felt pretty normal to be honest!
  6. I started at the hospital! I’m in OB so hasn’t really been affected by Covid much. Also not everyone wears masks all the time which is a bit weird. Seems protocols change a lot. Volume of deliveries is the same obvi (people don’t stop having babies lolzzzz). Overall enjoying it a lot and defo happy to be back. Super tired tho I totally got used to being on vacation. Also OB is nuts like my entire body is just sore. aLSO rumour has it AFMC is gonna ratify a decision where class of 2021 doesn’t get away electives. We expected this. Oh well. Woulda been nice to meet some of ya!
  7. honestly i had some good away electives lined up and am sad about that, but now everyone is in the same boat so it's hard to complain. they're doing what they can. for now, i'm just glad we're still slated to graduate on time. i know people interested in more competitive specialties are definitely freaking out though. especially if your home school has only one spot and there are like 5 people competing for it.
  8. We were told in a townhall with our dean yesterday for now away electives are not happening! Could change but looking that way for now.
  9. we were just told at McGill by our student reps it's not finalized or anything yet though, i mean likely away electives won't happen but still steps to go at faculty/AFMC level before it's set in stone.
  10. Yup super unlikely we’re going to have away electives I agree.
  11. We’re on schedule to start June 15th at McGill. Our core geri was sliced in half (only doing 2 weeks now), and we have a week of online courses to make up the rest of it. Any other news from others?
  12. can you describe this? do you have any links? would like to submit to our faculty! thanks :)
  13. yeah exactly, so people in the IM/surg stream at mcgill likely won't be going back june 15th, where as peds/ob/fam/psych potentially could or could get oriented to telemedicine. they also said they're looking into online learning for clerkship now (are any other schools doing this?). it just seems like Montreals cases aren't slowing, I don't know why they just didn't agree on july from the get go as it seems it's where it's headed. As usual, the most optimistic but the least logical, i love quebec.
  14. McGill just informed the same! at the earliest June 15th and it'll be probably an asymmetrical reintroduction because of capacity issues (so some people will be on some off). so crazy!
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