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  1. Yup! It’s def kicking in. Trying not to think about how I could end up separated from my partner but focusing on the LMCC for now. I have faith things work out the way they’re meant to and lots of people end up in programs not their first choice and are really happy. And in the mean time just watching tv shows and trying to enjoy some of this nice weather!
  2. Haha it might! You should look into it. In CaRMS they submit the score so you get access to it that way and it belongs to you that way. Not sure how it would work in other domains but I’m sure legally they can’t withhold that info. Also agree with the other stuff you wrote. All this money grabbing.
  3. Nope i specified and asked! Same thing as the LORs. They just provide you with a Z score and if you were red flagged. Then I had to dig to find out what it meant lol.
  4. yeah i was going to say computers are less likely to make mistakes than the humans, especially in an award winning algorithm that has been used multiple times but yes i do get the delay for a few days and yes have noticed it's increasingly shorter. they made it specifically shorter this year due to covid, in fact the entire process was shortened which I think should be the norm generally going forward. No need to drag the process out longer than it needs to be.
  5. Anyone else wondering if CaRMS is secretly monitoring the forums given the emails/tweets they've been sending out? LOL also 11 more days!
  6. I know same haha. I can’t believe it’s like just over 1.5 weeks. After the weekend it’ll only be a week basically! The anxiety is starting to kick in.
  7. Totally - I agree 100%. It’s tried and true. I don’t know what manual things they’re checking are at this point.
  8. I think it’s through the actual website so yes? I would assume so.
  9. They don’t! I also asked about this. No one gets a notification. Not the program and not the person who submitted. no idea about past years best to just email and ask! If you’re curious.
  10. Haha SOMEWHERE OUT THERE a computer has our results. And now people are manually checking them to ensure quality. SIGH.
  11. Yes I think I explained this to you! You can ask for them at any time they belong to you. You have a right to them as per the PIPEDA act.
  12. You have to ask 30 days in advance minimum. In jan they had a lot of requests so the turn around was extended by another 30 days. 60 days total. I didn’t get mine before hand but I know colleagues who did just to see what they had before feb 7th (so they asked Jan 7 regardless of how many had been submitted).
  13. That’s all I have haha and I took a picture and have the email as confirmation/proof.
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