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  1. Wow!! I’m not sure if this applies to family medicine too? I was under the impression you needed a prem
  2. Agree would love to hear about this too! Incoming fm
  3. I got 68! Wrote the exam end of April. Exam felt ok and pretty similar to the practice material. I’m hoping I passed and feel like I got around 250 ish. The highest I ever got on any practice MCC material was 72. I studied for a month. Very happy it’s over. Write it!!
  4. Is MCCQE ok for the J1 visa? Can’t seem to find this info anywhere. Have emailed. It seems like it’s acceptable but not official on the ECGME website.
  5. Thanks so much for the info - this is so annoying because the fellowships and the states I’m looking into don’t require the step exams. All the step exam requirements are just really not even a thing anymore. Sigh. I’ll have to see. Perhaps will have to stick to site visits then instead of electives.
  6. I don’t understand category A - if I want to do a 1 year fellowship in the states can I not? And if I wanted to do an elective could I not? Very confused haha
  7. Did the deadline pass for ROL submission? I think it’s pretty binding once it’s submitted and the deadline has passed. Carms is pretty clear about this. If you put a program on your list and rank it and the deadline has passed legally I really don’t think there’s anything you can do I’m sorry other than try to switch out after you start.
  8. Yeah I got fed up. I was in a privileged position and could afford the MCC practice materials and that was the best prep.
  9. stick to easy/medium difficulty questions in qbank! you'll be fine. their CDM is SO bad.
  10. The way we’ve made change to McGill is by constantly advocating to the faculty - we have many vocal student reps and that’s the key to voicing these concerns at a higher level. Quebec has a culture of “protest” and standing up for things so definitely recommend you band together as students and come up with a letter and use your reps to advocate for you.
  11. Does Quebec need to do this? We've heard nothing...
  12. I’m doing virtual graduation with my parents and partner! Think we’ll do some cute decor and a cake and everything. Even for match day we made it a thing because nothing feels special this year lol. Our class council is also organizing an outdoor drive by graduation Which is super nice. All those leftover funds being given to us in the form of custom scrubs, and lots of gifts!!
  13. Same! Thank you emails with a photo and a very warm message (in case after all this time they forgot who I was lol)
  14. not true - this has changed at least for quebec. no repercussions and i confirmed with my admin even if you fail you don't lose prescribing abilities or anything. nothing happens. I saw for alberta when i applied the LMCC seemed to be a requirement.
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