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  1. Right? I need this tiny bit of hope I have to be taken away so I can fully focus on next cycle.
  2. Confidence is at an all time low, but that's okay because I'm prepared for whatever happens tomorrow.
  3. I really have no idea how my one OMSAS interview went, so I'm basically already preparing for next cycle.
  4. Hahahaha I wish I could like this 20 more times
  5. Western generally takes your best two years with 10 or more courses, and averages them. As for Queens, they either take your last two years, or they take your entire GPA (whichever is higher).
  6. League of Legends, volunteering and exam season do a pretty good job of keeping me occupied lately.
  7. Yeah I felt the same about my own submission... it IS a summary, though. For that reason, I kept my own submission short and to the point rather than writing paragraph after paragraph. But who knows. I finished pretty early, myself. Wrote on March 6.
  8. I see this as a positive, honestly. To me, that means that you conveyed the answer to that question with your other answers. The interviewers do tend to go off the sheet and ask their own questions at the end, so I'm sure you would have been asked that if it was unclear.
  9. OOP, I haven't hard anything from my references. Hope that doesn't mean bad news.
  10. I don't think I'd purposely talk about my weaknesses unless specifically asked, honestly.
  11. This is literally me. This is very close to what happened when I interviewed in March.
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