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  1. You can be sure that if patients started finding out, there would be at least one of them who would be glad to expose this person (because people like to gossip and bash on MDs).
  2. During clerkship, I was in the OR in the middle of the night for organ harvesting before donation and the liver looked like it was cirrhotic. We asked the on-call pathologist if he could check liver biopsies to see if it was viable. He asked if it could wait until tomorrow. I guess that gives you a clue about the lifestyle in pathology.
  3. You can privately bill in a public-billing clinic for services that are not covered by public billing.
  4. In the mean time, Quebec doesn't even require LORs for FM and holds a single common interview for all french FM programs in the province. Amongst other news, FM programs in Quebec have not imploded. Weird.
  5. It's hard to help you if you won't mention your GPA and breakdown. Also, regarding MD/PhD programs, my understanding is that you need to be accepted to the MD and PhD components separetaly so it wouldn't make it easier to gain acceptance.
  6. http://fmrq.qc.ca/publications/view/id:374/lang:eng Unfortunately, I don't have an english translation to link but the Quebec resident association is basically (accurately) blaming the CMC for the current MCCQE 1/2 debacle and requesting that the CMQ/government of Quebec reconsider the requirements to obtain a license as a practicing physician.
  7. I'd love to see how well you "manage" a junior resident let alone an R5.
  8. For PM&R, I would add that fellowships aren't necessary for jobs themselves. It's simply that it's hard to find a job outside of an academic center because of how small and specialized the specialty is so you end up needing one to fulfill the requirements for an academic job (ie: 1 year of training post-residency).
  9. Personnellement, j'ai trouvé que la charge de travail entre le programme de physiothérapie de l'UdeM et le pré-clinique de Sherbrooke était similaire. Par contre, il faut tenir compte du fait "qu'à mon époque" le programme de Sherbrooke avait très peu de cours en présentiel et donnait beaucoup de liberté alors c'était relativement léger pour quelqu'un qui assimile bien les concepts et organise bien son temps d'étude à domicile. Malheureusement, il semble que le nouveau programme ne soit pas aussi "léger". Un autre aspect à considérer est que le programme de physiothérapie a beaucoup de co
  10. I doubt they'd be able/willing to put aside an hour to answer your questions but I think many would accept a request to shadow (although that may be more complicated with COVID-19) or to answer your questions via email.
  11. If you're a clerk and therefore seeing patients, and you still decide to engage in the behaviors you describe (parties, etc.), you totally should get red flagged. Clear lack of judgement and professionalism. When it comes to behaviors that are allowed under current rules (ie: going to a restaurant, seeing a couple of friends, etc.), I think that's fine.
  12. While I agree that nurses shouldn't completely replace MD surgical assistants, Quebec has a training program for nurses at the MSc level that roughly translates to "Surgical first assistant nurse" where they basically reach the level of an MD surgical assistant. For instance, one of them in cardiac surgery would do saphenectomies solo and what not. In general, I agree that MDs are worth having as surgical assistants. As you mentioned, they can typically do more especially since many of them are actually fully-fledged surgeons themselves. For instance, we had a plastic surgeon near retirem
  13. As mentioned, some fields are dependent on academic centers because of the need for specialized equipment or interdisciplinary teams/programs. For instance, my specialty could be done in the community but this would be severely restrictive (no access to anything beyond simple bedside procedures in a financially sustainable way, no inpatient component possible, no infrastructure for sub-specialized outpatient clinics, etc.) so the vast, vast majority (90% or so?) end up practicing in academic hospitals and have affiliations with a medical school.
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