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  1. Does anyone know if this is open or closed review this year? Last year was closed vs. open usually?
  2. Late to the post here but also interested + DM sent
  3. Hey everyone, I am a non-SWOMEN applicant. For some reason, I just thought to reach out to my verifiers for the focused ABS section (assuming these are the one's Western contacts specifically). I did this a month ago for selected verifiers, but wasn't comprehensive. Turns out... one missed the email. Is this a death sentence? Do any previous students that have been accepted since UWO switched their format ~2 years ago have experience? I am fairly sure I make cut-offs, and I was screened out on "non-Academics" last year.
  4. Yes... I am actually asking this very silly question. This may apply more directly to the men interviewing this year, but I'm assuming with additional forthcoming lockdown many us probably won't be able to access a haircutter. Superficial? Yes. But personal grooming matters. What is everyone thinking here? Not so fresh fades at-home fades (fresh enough to look tidy, but not so fresh to look like obvious?)
  5. Silly question but, did they specify whether they were pursuing the online MMI/panel route? Couldn't find this on their website.
  6. Thank you for this response. I won't lie it was the reassurance I was looking for when I posted this thread haha. I am fairly confident in their selection process, which is indeed enriched in data from past cycles; even in these instances where I don't fully understand some of the rationale. My big hope here is that the adcom is also very committed to the wGPA de-emphasis in general given the changing in its weigh structure.
  7. Posting this with hope that I can get some clarity and opinion of others; I recognize that I am grasping at straws over news that is months old. The new wGPA system replaces 3.0 FCE dropped with 2.0 FCE dropped of your worst grades such that you take on a full course load. https://applymd.utoronto.ca/admission-requirement-changes-and-updates-20202021-application-cycle My impression here is that the adcom intends strongly to "level the playing field" for applicants who may not has performed as well academically, but would be great in the physician role. I applaud this, but can
  8. No, but if this doesn't work out in the next 7 hours, I'm 100% jumping on a class action haha
  9. Better question - anyone lucky enough to be part of the minority to submit before the deadline? Can't disqualify 50% of the population.
  10. "may" be extended? mutha**** just take my cash. Don't play with my heart. TrashSAS.
  11. 5PM tomorrow, right? There's no way everyone will get through in the next 50 mins lmao. I missed lunch for this, now the anxiety is eating me up instead
  12. So classic. Also happening to me is as well. I've never experienced this in the 4 cycles I've applied. I also tried to submit over an hour in advanced. What a nightmare. Hopefully they will extend the deadline. I've emailed since phoning won't work.
  13. Why does this forum only give me 10 likes per day. I've been a premed for over half a decade now.....
  14. commence sad frog - I just got mine too. Maybe next life
  15. Considering changing my meme to this, but that would be too defeatist?
  16. Just for clarification Schrödinger's cat = PsychSoc High PsychSoc ~ I had a personally low verbal score [I realize this implication was poorly communicated. I apologize. I realize communication is also a CanMEDs role so tisk tisk] Low verbal score = UofT is my only hope UofTease is my only hope = Sad. Sad = Acceptmenextcyclehowbowdah.
  17. Y'all are being too pessimistic about this whole situation. Think of this as a Schrödinger's cat type situation: until we hear back we are both invited AND rejected. Pretty good news for everyone who, like me, has never been invited for an interview before. Just my 2c ps. PsychSoc was my highest MCAT section which may also subtly indicate why I am still/was only hopeful for UofT
  18. Not highlighting at all in verbal UNLESS it's literally one word at a time (i.e. a name that I THINK may come up in a passage). I tend not to skim questions pre-hand (Princeton seems to advocate for this and I hate TPR's strategy)
  19. I'm trying my best to get better at this. I can pick up on locating certain ideas in the passage, but trouble when it's something like a direct word or quote
  20. Hi everyone, I was looking for general advice/strategy on these types of questions that I most frequently get wrong: "Which of the following claims is LEAST supported by evidence or explanation in the passage?" Do you go back to the passage and search for each of these terms? Do you try your best to stretch them to the main idea? What about generally trying to recall parts of the passage as you re-skim it (current strategy; eats up a LOT of time). Thanks!
  21. DM me! I am in this program, but wish to remain anonymous for my responses
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