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  1. I took some courses in the summer, and 6 courses in some semesters. I think you also can take online courses at other universities.
  2. Agreed. USMD is NOT easier than Canadian MD schools at all, especially your GPA and MCAT is average. If you can't get into Canadian MD school, you will have a better chance at USDO. Just my personal opinion. You always can give it a try.
  3. Summer is here !!!

  4. 1. My USMD interviews helped my Canadian MD school's interviews a lot (USMD interviews were a few months before Canadian interviews normally). 2. By appling MD student LOC in both sides Canada and USA from multi-banks at the SAME TIME (apply TD Canada Trust, RBC, BMO, Citi, Bank of America, TD Bank (USA), etc) sometimes (50% ?) you will approved by two or more banks, which give you $500K+ LoC to finish your 4-years USMD/USDO). Trick is you must apply in the same time before any bank approved your LoC applications, you are in GREY AREA, because technically you didn't lie your financial situati
  5. My personal experience, you should add Case Western, Wayne State and SUNY Upstate.
  6. Just my 2 cents, you have to make up your mind by yourself. Once you have multi-inteviews, your applications are fine, you just need: 1. Apply more schools. Apply out-of-province MD schools, USMD, USDO, just to get more interviews. 2. Prepare your interview skills and experiences. A year job with human touch experiences (customer services, human resouces, etc) also can help your MD schools interview a lot. In your case, you should apply at least 10 USMD/USDO and 10 Canadian MD schools, I'll aim for more than 5 interviews next year. I will do a job with a lot of human touch and I
  7. Just my personal 2 cents, not best answer. Replace Boston and Howard with Wayne State, SUNY-upstate, the best Canadian friendly USMD schools in my experience. If you do this, you will have around 50% get interview for your top 7 schools that will generate 3~4 interviews and hope for 1~2 acceptances. Get interview first, acceptance will come. if you have multiple acceptances, then choose one to go next year. Even you have 4.0 perfect GPA and 40+ MCAT, none of any USMD will guarantee you an interview.
  8. I don't think AMACS (primary application) can help you. Your best solution is email or upload your IB transcripts to each USMD by secondary application and explain everything to them your situation and hope for the best. For me, I took extra credits on humanities and social science courses at my last year.
  9. Let's assume we entering medical school without debt, saving, income, etc. All we got is $250K LoC and student loan. We have to pay tuition and living costs (mainly rent) at least $15K/year (Quebec, Newfoundland, Manitoba, Sask, etc), other provinces or cities are higher, maybe around $20~40K/year. We can use $250K LoC to buy a condo or house without mortgage (maybe with some help from family) and rent out a room or two, we become a landlord and collect rent(s) monthly. If the rent income + student loan > tuition + living costs without rent + LoC interest (prime rate, around 2.7% n
  10. Jefferson is very Canadian friendly, it's a private school, tuition is cheaper than state university for Canadian.
  11. As I know, Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan interviewed hundreds Canadian every year, accepted more than or near 100 Canadian every year, around 40 Canadian studied MD there every year. It's like 7th medical school for Ontarian. They accepted only Canadian citizen, not Canadian resident.
  12. Let's assume your GPA is not downward 3.9/3.8/3.7/3.6 and you are Canadian citizen With MCAT 510 and average ECs. You need a list like: Wayne state, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Oakland, SUNY-upstate, NYMC, Albert Einstein, Rosalind, Jefferson
  13. I guess you have near 50% to get one or more interview in Canada and USMD, If your ECs really above average and you didn't screw in the application process. Your interview for USDO is much higher than 50% at every Canadian friendly USDO school, MSU (Michigan state university) has a special DO program for Canadian. Just my guess, no guaranty, sometimes you need luck and direction. Good luck. I will NOT go international.
  14. Can you tell us, what kind investment is 7% very stable/safe ? I really like to know. I think investing on Canadian Big-5 banks is stable and safe with "some RISK", but only have around 3.5% divined return. I think you are talking about REIT, especially D.UN ? I'm very tempting to use my LoC for some D.UN for a few months, but still a no at this moment.
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