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  1. It would be best to email the school and get an accurate answer
  2. Also, middle of July might be a little late, but if that is your only option then go for it either way. Just make sure you are fully prepared to write the MCAT before actually writing it, dont write it early if you think you wont be prepared.
  3. End of July is not that late, as long as you have already submitted your application and it has been verified, because verification takes about 3 weeks. So submit your application by end of June, have your references in by mid July, and while you wait for your scores in July, write all your secondaries. That way, once you receive your score at the end of July, your file will be complete and you can submit the secondary the same day since you will have them all ready to go. The secondary questions are posted on the studentdoctor forums, so you can get them from there before being invited to com
  4. submit it as soon as you can, some schools send out their supplementaries before your primary is verified by AMCAS (which takes about 7-10 days after you submit it), so meanwhile you can fill out your supplementaries. Some schools only started sending the supplementaries yesterday, so if you submit your primary today, you are not late! Also make sure your recommendation letters are in as soon as possible, because schools will not consider your secondary unless you have the letters in. Good luck!
  5. I was going to add Mayo until I realized they only accept ~50 students
  6. Hey, instead of starting a new topic I thought I should post this here as well. I am applying for US and here is my list so far. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! cgpa: 3.82 sgpa: ~3.8 MCAT: 34 (13/9/12) ECs: A lot of research but not publications yet, ~100 hours of clinical volunteer experience, involvement with social justice movements and community Albert Einstein College of Medicine Boston University School of Medicine Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine George Washington University Sch of Med & Hlth Sci Georgetown University School of Medicine
  7. Not sure if this has been posted here before, but I came across this blog of a US premed who decided to go to the Caribbean. (I am in no way saying this is all true or false, I am just putting it out here for people to read) https://milliondollarmistake.wordpress.com/
  8. Would anyone like to edit/proofread my personal statement and/or ECs? I am willing to return the favour
  9. Someone from NB waitlist got off recently! Does anyone know if OOP waitlist moved yet?
  10. Ontario med school results come out on May 12, anyone know what the earliest date would be that waitlisted OOP students will hear back?
  11. Hello everyone, I am in my 4th year undergrad. cGPA: 3.8 MCAT (2014 August): 13/9/12. Applied to Uoft (wGPA 3.92), McMaster, Queens, and Dalhousie. Interviewed and wait listed at Dalhousie. Also interviewed at Albert Einstein (Yeshiva University, NY), waiting to hear back. My thesis supervisor has asked me to apply for my masters if I want, and to let him know asap so he can include my name on a CIHR grant that he is writing up. The only problem is, I am scared that I will be stuck in it for 2 years and after that MCAT and gpa cutoffs will increase and my old MCAT score won't be valid anym
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