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  1. How many IPs are getting accepted this round? congratulations to everyone...
  2. Hi there, I am currently waitlisted and starting to retake MCAT for next applying circle. My score was 509, and I would like to increase to 515+ if possible, for the test on August 25th. My previous experience is a study buddy to keep each other on track and to answer each other's questions is really helpful. If you are interested in this, please pm me. It will take us about 4-5 hours per week. Thank you.
  3. I would like to form a whatsapp group for us to communicate and support each other, any one interested please pm me
  4. http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2015/05/11/waitlist-questions/ Reading this, I believe there are at least 4 (even 5) waiting list. Each list for one site.
  5. It has been a week but keep reliving the interview anxiety here. Out of 10 stations, bombed one of them, basically was rambling; didn't do very well in about 2 other stations. Did ok in 2 stations and got positive feedback from interviewers. Can't remember other 5 stations, probably average performance. Fingers crossed for May... Trying to write down all mistakes I made in the interview so that I won't make the same mistake next year if not admitted. Btw, If we see a quote in the interview and not sure about the literal meaning of the quote, is it acceptable to ask the inter
  6. My understanding is: after interview, interview score and AQ, NAQ will be summed up, and ranked. The top x% will be guaranteed admission. The last y% will be rejected. The central z% will receive a holistic review, this is where MCAT, reference, and your AQ, NAQ all together be considered again. I am not sure about the number for x y z tho.
  7. Thanks for sharing! I talked to UofA a few days ago, and was told different segments of EC are weighed differently (maybe they recently changed) but they can't share the specific details.
  8. Hey Friendly Magpie, So they can actually tell you what your score is for each section? That's pretty awesome. I kinda wish UofA can normalize the EC score like UBC, so people with strong EC can have comparable competitiveness with people with higher GPA.
  9. TIME STAMP: 7:16pm Interview: No wGPA: N/A MCAT: 126 CARS, 127/128/128 ECs: thinking it is strong. Year: finished master's Will be really curious to see what is the cutoff for MCAT...
  10. Agreed. However, check out the interviewer's manual, will give interviewees a better understanding of what they are looking for in the interview. https://fhs.mcmaster.ca/mdprog/documents/InterviewerManualFull2012-13forWEBSITE.pdf I found this document very helpful for me to come up with this strategy. Although there is no absolute best answer, there are definitely angles those will more likely to help you (or easier to) demonstrate your critical thinking, service ethics, leadership, empathy etc. Most ethical, policy questions do have general good answers.
  11. Hi all, I am looking for a serious MMI Skype prep partner, to try out a new way of prep. As it does require a lot of prep time before and after practice, I am hoping to find someone who is dedicated and willing to try it out with me. Essentially, traditional MMI practice is to meet with questions, asking each other questions, and give short feedback immediately. I found it personally not so helpful after a while (it helps a lot when you first practice MMI), as basically I started just repeating same answers & structure over and over. I try to find a better way to give each othe
  12. My cGPA just appeared in my application... 3.90, I am shocked!!! I thought I will only get like 3.6 or something....Now I am hopeful
  13. http://www.tru.ca/distance/courses/engl1001.html http://www.tru.ca/distance/courses/engl1011.html both of these will fulfill the English requirement. We should form a English Pre-req study group... to help each other with assignment etc. PM me if you are interested.
  14. TIME STAMP: 12:19pm PST Interview Invite: Invited Early/Regular Deadline: Regular Interview Date: Feb 14 GPA: AGPA (if applicable): 85-86% MCAT: 509 ECs: a little bit of everything, strong work experience, research, master degree, world traveler, rural health worker, engineering manager. Year: graduate degree Geography: IP First time applying! I am thrilled!!!
  15. Work on your NAQ, next year you will be stellar. Good luck! Seems another wave is out?
  16. Hi, just wondering if any one else is in the same boat as me - waiting for cGPA to be shown. When will be the last timeline to know our cGPA? Many thanks, -C
  17. Do you mind sharing your EC? It is quite impossible this year all applicants have so much stronger EC.... now I am nervous...
  18. Reading UBC's response has confirmed my understanding of UBC's NAQ evaluation process, here are my two cents "Activities and achievements are reported and evaluated using the following categories: leadership, service ethic, capacity to work with others, diversity of experience, and high performance in an area of human endeavor. Within each category, a variety of factors are considered when assigning a score. Generally, higher scores are assigned to activities that demonstrate significant levels of responsibilities, initiative, and commitment over activities with minimal duration or degree
  19. Agreed. My speculation is UBC evaluates work, life, volunteer, travel, sport and all other experience in all 5 sections: service ethic, leadership, capacity to work with others, diversity, high achievement. Maybe 10 each section, and add them together. The overall score will be standardized against the whole applicants pool. One of the adcom member once told me: they don't like applicant to be too obvious for nothing but med school, like applicant with no other volunteering / activities at all but only hospital volunteering... (not sure how I can articulate this better...)
  20. yah, wish more people would share so the forum will be more helpful for all next applicants. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
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