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  1. I am taking CMMB 343 this following semester since that's what I heard they needed. I would definitely try to get hold of them if I were you. I also am not sure about how they look at GPA... There are so many questions to be answered haha. I assume that you have already applied for WCVM??
  2. Hi!! I have been busy with school and havent had the chance to check the forum! In regards to residency, I can apply to U of C or U of S because I live Alberta, but that's about it unfortunately. I am working on my application form as of right now and it's quite challenging I hope yours is going great!!
  3. Thank you MD2015! I didnt know there was a thread or post for this. I should have paid looked up more. I didn't know that MCAT was a required for some of the other schools, so this year I can only apply at U of S and U of C (which I am completely okay with, I just wanted more chance). I probably study for MCAT next summer.. Too bad I didnt find about it sooner My chances are quite slim too... but let's not give up! Thanks and good luck to you as well!
  4. Hi everyone! I was hoping to start a new forum for the class of future class of 2019 (I know it's alittle early haha). I am just in my second year of undergrad, and I am planning on applying for the class of 2019, even though I won't stand a chance. Soooooo, I was also hoping to get information on preparing for the interviews of UCVM and WCVM! I heard that the two universities have different format for the interview, so if anyone had more information, please share! MMI is another issue It could be just me having difficulties finding materials, but does anyone have any source that c
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