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  1. Result: Accepted off waitlist Timestamp: 6:31PM EST Geography: OOP GPA: 3.85 (3.97 with lowest year removed) Degree: BSc finished, MSc almost finished MCAT: 524 (132/129/132/131) ECs: Pretty standard, nothing too crazy. I volunteered as a high school tutor for several years at several different organizations, was an executive in a few clubs and student governments, played a variety of intramural sports, played and wrote music, and held a part-time job as a cook. Interview: Felt OK about the MMI portion (one bad station, a few good stations, most stations were
  2. Result: Accepted to Hamilton Geography: IP Timestamp: 8:51AM cGPA: 3.85 CARS: 129 Interview: I honestly felt neither particularly good or bad about the MMI. I know I answered most of the stations fairly well, but I didn't think I did particularly amazing well in any of them. To be quite honest, I don't think there is any correlation between how you felt about the interview and the result, especially in MMI where there often is never a "right answer". Year: MSc, first year (finishing in one year) Casper: I'm fast at typing and have a pretty good grasp of ethic
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