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  1. better late than never eh TIME STAMP: was stuck at 'ready for review' until 1pm, then suddenly changed at 2pm Result: Invite (further review required) GPA: 3.88 (thanks winter drop -.-) ECs (CV): various (feel free to PM). only dent-specific thing was 100h of shadowing 4 years ago lol Year: Masters Feelings about Casper: second time writing it. thought it went worse than the first, but only because the questions were more relevant personally and I had a lot to say haha Applicant category: QC university Those who got interview invites, wanna start
  2. Wait how did you get a rank breakdown (ie. you know your rank specifically for academics) this past cycle? I thought they stopped doing that and just give overall rank now. EDIT: just saw the post date. nvm.
  3. Same thing is happening to me! Really don't want them to think I submitted on nov 2 when I did it nov 1 -.-
  4. Could be that those who would've applied through NTP before are now part of QC cohort? I assumed it included everyone given an admission offer, regardless of whether the applicant accepted/declined the offer, though correct me if I'm wrong. As for higher acceptance rate post-interview, I guess the lower chances of being invited to an interview levels things out. The year before, the top 31% of those who applied got invites vs. this cycle, it was top 25%.
  5. Just got mine. I was around low 400s/788 (IP) gpa: 3.86 I was debating whether I should pay for casper resources this time, but since i progressed to pre-screen stage, maybe thats not necessary? Thoughts? Looking at the mistakes I made on the CV was a major facepalm though, so I thought I'd be way lower tbh.
  6. a week left ... covid delayed everything, so I'm guessing that's the case here. would be nice to know sooner rather than later though to know how we could improve.
  7. Apparently uOttawa updated June 18th. This sounds too good to be true, so I just want confirmation from others: "On-line courses taken within the most recent three years of full-time study, which is used to calculate the cGPA, will be included in the assessment." https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/admissions/application-process/excellence-marks Although shame about removing wGPA.
  8. Honestly, it sounds like they've decided to exclude ... for now. Yet leaving wiggle room to modify their decision later, so it's not 100% set in stone yet. Idk it gives me hope. Maybe they'll see how it affects the majority of applicants and go from there? Or it'll be like how Queens calculates cGPA and last 2-year GPA and uses the higher one *fingers crossed*
  9. Oh god is the EC notation that much of a giveaway LOL but that's my point exactly! I usually don't bother going to lectures anyway, since profs, more often than not, are not the best at teaching and I'd rather just teach myself. I heard uOttawa did this to discourage degrees which are entirely completed online. Other universities do this too but Ottawa just chose to go about it in a weird way -.-
  10. Unfortunately my school shows EC next to online courses plus more often than not, those classes have way more students than in-class courses. Anyone else think there's a chance uOttawa would rethink this rule in the future given the current circumstances? That's the only thing holding me back for ottawa. Some schools have already announced that fall 2020 classes will all be online.
  11. Also what if W2020 is your best semester yet -.-
  12. Invite/Reject: R IP status verification and date if applicable: QC Residency Verified RD Dec 03, 2019 Casper test date: Oct 20, 2019 (English) How did you feel about Casper this year?: It was ok. Used only free resources. Might be good to invest in prep next cycle. Invite/reject last year if applicable: N/A How did you rank in Casper last year if applicable (Top 100, 101-300, 301-500, 501-800+): N/A
  13. omg something similar happened to me during casper! well i just got the low battery warning and had to quickly plug it in. but still the distraction and those precious seconds lost.
  14. ^^ Thanks for this! I'm in the same-ish situation. Sent them Oct 30 but nothing on Minerva. IP tho.
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