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  1. I will be maxing out my LOC by 4th year due to starting medical school with quite a bit of debt in the first place! Although this is not an ideal situation I am not the only one in my class. Meet with a th a financial advisor to help relieve your anxiety, it definitely helped me!
  2. Hey Guys, Haven't seen a post about this yet so I just thought I would post my review about the Figure 1 app which can be downloaded via this link: http://download.figure1.com/summer2017?utm_campaign=medicallyinclined 1. I started following them on Instagram at the start of my second year and as a visual learner found it really cool to be able to look up similar cases to the PBL cases we were using 2. Not just for visual based specialties (Radiology/Dermatology) and you can actually search cases you want by what specialty! (Even Psychiatry) 3. It is a Toronto Based start up
  3. We had a lecture about this on the first day of medical school from our faculty advisor. He said don't put candidate. The general consensus was the following: First Name Last Name + highest degree obtained ( don't want to see B.Sc (Hons) M.Sc PhD certified in whatever) Medical Student Class of 2019 The Medical School you attend But ya I always include mine when reaching out to faculty, physicians in the community or for research purposes. Not to fellow med students, family or friends though...
  4. agreed with Cains synopsis of pathology. Only disagreement is I enjoyed doing autopsies! (personal preference)
  5. I got into NOSM and I did this. The admission committees can fill in the blanks that you were at school and then back home in the summer. Put your permanent drivers licence address.
  6. Wow interesting thread. I had no idea that Forensic Psychiatrists could bill that much.
  7. Wow thanks for the insight! With the added hours does that increase the potential income for IR?
  8. How about an Interventional Radiology Observership? I have an upcoming IGT observership and I'm very excited/nervous. Any recommendations on stuff to read up on?
  9. I was just referring to below average grades in my first two years of undergrad (several 70s and a 68). I also did my undergrad degree and medical school at the same institution so I guess there is no way of getting around those grades anyways.....
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