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  1. Hi all, I recently completed my second year of university but it didn't exactly go as planned. In first semester I was going through some pretty heavy mental health stuff (suicidal ideations and hallucinations) and ended up only being able to finish two of five courses. In second semester I was just starting to pull my sh*t together when I suffered a severe concussion and once again was only able to finish two of five courses. Even though I still managed to keep my GPA up, this year has been really rough, and I was starting to come to terms with having to re-do most of my second year and being
  2. Hi, I was planning to write the MCAT after my second year of undergraduate studies, which seems to be a popular option. However, I wanted to apply in my third year. Will writing in the summer after second year give me enough time to retake if necessary? I plan on spending most of this summer (the summer after first year) prepping for the test, however, I will not have been formally taught some of the core material (eg. organic chem, biochem) until second year. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
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