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  1. Know the updated guidelines for HTN, T2DM, Lipid consensus, and the others and try to drop updates into plans "per the 2019 guidelines...this patient should be getting xyz"
  2. They shouldn't, since many schools let you pick and choose what ITERS show up on your MSRP for carms. Its a very un-uniform process.
  3. Yes, in most provinces there is no reason you cant do both public and private pay work in the same clinic. It happens all the time with the simplest things like forms.
  4. You'll have to retake of course, and do what you can. Are you at least backing up with the US match? Step 2 CS is deferred/not required for the time being - so i you have strong Step 1 an CK, that should cover you?
  5. If it was me, and a 5 year residency, i would do it. Esp in markets outside of toronto/vancouver. In those two, if you can find one thats not super expensive, could still be worth it, but maybe not, depends.
  6. I have a few close friends that are ODs, and standard eye exams for routine review take them 20-30mins tops of in person time (they step out of room and do other work while patients are dilating etc). And they seem pretty competent but efficient (both did fellowships in the US as well where scope of practice is broader). One of their clinics does not take overhead off of eye exams, per what the first user said (we talk alot about business finances in our respective fields). They make comfortable high 5 figure wages, without having to work too hard outside of "9-5" clinic hours, one mak
  7. I've seen it done, was not pretty - luckily the individual still matched to their desired competitive speciality...just a long distance from home.
  8. A very non-specific question. Depends how you define afford first off - some are okay with low interest debt, others dont want any debt. Some are okay with leverage, others not so much. This is a pointless question unfortuantely - but if you have a specific goal in mind for a house/car, any doctor should be able to reach that goal - it just depends on what you are willing to compromise on.
  9. Very well could be! Province specific. I can see those types of regulations coming in, but i think in FM in general - scope is so wide, as long as you can show reasonable training and upkeep with CME...it would be very contentious in limiting access to FM docs. Perhaps something on paper, but not as onerous in reality? Can't comment as im not familiar with said regulations for Ontario.
  10. Why do you feel it wouldn't be possible? You have an active family medicine license, so there is no limitations, other than self-imposed. That said, after doing Emerg for a while, you're general family medicine skills will fade, and instead of quitting emerg all together to do FM clinic....most would just take less EM shifts (as they have built seniority by that point likely) and still probably make as much on a hours-worked basis compared to if they were doing FM(province dependent). Everything is dependent on your comfort level and willingness to sit down and re-learn through CME and
  11. They should take a pause from LMCC - why have they not already been taking the USMLES? i.e. where are they training as an IMG? Completing the USMLE series and focusing on the US is going to be their best chance at a residency. Not much information to go by for why they are doing poorly on LMCC...are they a canadian who went abroad, or a true foreign medical grad that just happens to have canadian citizenship? Are they done med school now? still have time left? If they have a bachelors and good grades, they could try applying for Canadian med schools like anyone else can - but th
  12. I think most people in full scope family medicine would agree, that a roster of 2500 patients - is likely to be very busy, even for the most efficient physicians, if its a moderatly diverse panel with a fair mix of complex/chronic/older patients. More patients leads to more busy work, more chronic care /specialist followups and care-coordinating that is unevitable and unavoidable. Most would not have much time to do other things outside of clinic to further supplement income. Unless of course you are cherry picking your patients - which i'm not sure if is possible/common with FHO in Onta
  13. This isn't accurate in my province - and in my past experience on different addictions services...theres not an uncommon amount of physicians on special monitoring programs with colleges across Canada, and yes, some are anesthesiologists.
  14. Disagree completely. UofC is a great medical school in their admissions process - but I personally know a colleague who had issues in a related realm, and much like any other medical school - they gave them a hard time and big run around...that would seem contrary to their public face that most see. General rule: Be smart, be safe, get support for yourself when you need it - don't hide anything from your close care providers, but schools/residency programs/colleges aren't looking out for you and will cover their own when needed. They are there for the public, and you 2nd. Always take care
  15. 100% would not directly disclose it at this point in time - opens up too much potential bias for unnecessary potential gain. For OP focus on your volunteering with addicitons and how its inspired you - keep your personal experiences out of it. Focus it on enlightenment, and how you want to provide better care for future patients. Again, do NOT include it in your medical school application. Seen colleagues get burned(slightly) as residents for less. "You don't have to say anything until you have already matched to residency (assuming you don't go around telling people)." I agree w
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