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  1. If you have your CCFP and do a +1 in something, and then "moonlight"...you would be billing the same as a CCFP who isn't in a +1. You would also be paying overheads splits etc that you arrange with the clinic as per usual. I wouldn't even call this moonlighting, since you have your full CCFP license. You're just working as usual but with significantly less availabilty due to residency obligations. Virtually nothing is different. CMPA would be covering you. Your program might not like it, and certainly you can't work in the same hospital etc, but you can easily work on your days off (week
  2. You don't need it, but try your best not to postpone and get it out of the way you can. Less stress having it on the back of your mind during R1. Its a pointless test, and if you prepare at least a reasonable amount, majority of CMGs pass just fine. I've been seeing a few posts of people stressing over the exam and worried about their practice question/exam scores and weather or not they should postpone etc based on them. Either way its not the end of the world either doing it during R1 - just gets a bit annoying trying to restudy material outside of your residency focus the further out from m
  3. You just need to talk to a different rep. Not all bank reps have a clue about the special programs for medical students/residents/dental students. You should be able to get the full amounts published for each bank, without strings attached and without a co-signer. Unless you have a very unique history of bankruptcy etc.
  4. Agreed. OSAP/any governmental student loans amount has no bearing on bank line of credit amounts offered.
  5. They all don't require principal payments during school. And they all require interest payments(based on the amounts you have used) during school, scotia just automatically applies the interest payments to your principal amount. Its just marketing. Scotia saves you two clicks of simply making the interest payment yourself. Some people think of this as an advantage such that "you'll never miss a payment this way if you forget!" but really, no one is so busy they can't spend <2mins a month to check their bank accounts, and really you should be doing that regardless especially with your credit
  6. Family medicine is short 2 years and then you can move wherever you want, unless you have Return of Service in that region of course but usually there is flexibility even in that. Best bet is to try and connect with current residents, trying to find them via the Chief residents of the FM residency program.
  7. First get your degree formally evaluated, but it is unlikely to be eligible for most Canadian medical schools for admissions purposes depending on how the degree is processed- truthfully, if it was me, I would actually try your best NOT to get your pharmacy degree even considered, as this is in your favour, since a 3.03 is not competitive at all in Canada for medical school. IF your degree is ultimately factored in, it will only hurt you and drag down any potential "clean slate". IF you get licensed in Canada as a pharmacist, that will be a good pathway to get work experience and get in
  8. Two very different fields. You will likely earn more in Physiatry if you're willing to work on doing private pay work and are able to get a good referral stream.
  9. This is very much so the opposite of the students I know who did undergrad in the U.S., and peers who did exchanges back in the day. My old med school classmates who did US undergrads also generally felt getting strong grades was easier in your average state US school compared to the "tougher" schools in Canada such as UofT, McGill and UBC. Surely it cuts both ways, some US schools are easier to get high grades and other more difficult - much like how there is significant variation amongst canadian undergrads also. OP, go where you think you'll do the best, and would prefer to ultimatel
  10. Unless you are an owner, optometrists generally wont make much more than 100k. The side deals of % on sales of lenses declines further and further with wholesale distributers like Clearly et al continue to provide alternative routes.
  11. Overall, you are conflating statistics for EDP that are based on domestic students with internationals. There is no good data on EDP program acceptance rates for internationals. The data for internationals is based on overall applications to broad net of applications. It sounds like you know some students perhaps who only applied to EDP and it worked out for them - i would find it surprising to hear if there was more than 1-3 of these people in existence, because the overall data for international students points to needing to apply broadly to the minimal # of schools that even take intern
  12. Fully agreed, EDPs are usually not a big boon for acceptances for internationals especially. Very strange thought process, and ive never come across evidence to suggest the same.
  13. This disusssion will get quite circular, and anecdotally I would say not all EM docs are alike, regardless of +1 vs 5 year. But also there is regional variation. In some centres, +1s will not be working in bigger high level of care EDs, whereas in others they will be. You can't compare ED practice in a glorified walk-in-clinic for example to a fully functioning trauma centre with a large catchment area of pathology. But as Magneto pointed out, there isn't much objective evidence to say one way or the other. But overall, I think most will agree - we need both +1 and 5 years, and certainly there
  14. Agreed, i know of 2 unmatched plastics candidates who then did further rotations in their post-MD year, and research, and ultimately matching in english Canada. Again, its best to just match in your Ms4 year, but it does happen that some match afterwards. Its just not ideal and nowhere near a guarnatee.
  15. If there was a very negative interaction, then sure, you can request it - but if its simply just "didn't click" versus "they verbally abused me, and harrassed me", you might not get much traction. Best to develop thicker skin, as you will run into a lot of tough preceptors (and many more very nice ones!), and you shouldnt let it dictate your experiences and pathways.
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