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  1. Hi everyone! Here's my blog in case some of you find it helpful or interesting: otdiaries.tumblr.com I hope your applications are going well!
  2. Yep! I applied to UBC, UofT, Mac and McGill. I was invited to interview at Mac and McGill (I declined those invites since I had already been accepted to UBC), and I was accepted to UofT.
  3. Thanks! My GPA for upper-level courses was about 90-91% - but I don't want to discourage you or anyone else applying, because I really believe UBC looks for well-rounded applicants (keep in mind this is only my opinion and that I haven't spoken to anyone official about admissions). I had some great volunteer and research experiences that I was able to speak of and relate to occupational therapy, and I know my references were very supportive of me (which likely came out in the reference letters they wrote me). The climbing GPA cutoff is a tricky subject - there are so many hyper-qualified ca
  4. Hi! I was accepted to UBC OT on my first try, so it is possible. I'd be happy to answer whatever questions I can - but I really don't think they're looking for a specific type of applicant. In general, I tried to convey how my experiences (in school, volunteering, etc.) related to occupational therapy and why it's the field I want to pursue (showing some of my passion and knowledge around OT). Good luck!
  5. Hi! What do you like better about uOttawa's program? I've heard some great things about UBC OT from past students of the program (who were all happily (and quickly) employed in BC post-grad). I agree with you, the connections you make on placement are important, and they could be helpful to you when you start looking for a job. On the flipside, it won't be impossible to get a job in BC just because you went to school somewhere else (and if you're really excited about a different program, you might not want to pass up that opportunity). Good luck with your decision!!
  6. Accepted to UofT OT (but will be declining since I've been accepted to UBC OT). Good luck guys!
  7. I graduated in 2014 so I'm all done with classes. Hopefully that's not the case and it comes soon!
  8. Hi! No date yet. I think one more email will come from OS&OT soon with that info.
  9. Just thought I'd let you guys know I got my email from grad studies earlier today
  10. Hi everyone, I declined my interview to Mac OT just now, so someone should be hearing back about an interview soon!
  11. Hey, I haven't yet either! I actually emailed Sonia to confirm my acceptance too, and she said to expect an offer letter from grad studies soon. So I think it's all just formalities from this point on!
  12. I just received an interview for OT at Mac, so it looks like invites are still going out
  13. Just thought I'd let everyone know I've given up my seat to interview at McGill, so someone should be getting an offer soon. Good luck guys!
  14. I got my acceptance email Hoping everyone is doing okay with whatever news they got today. I'm excited to meet my classmates next September!
  15. I think I have the email but I'm too nervous to check while I'm at work. I'll let you guys know later!
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