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  1. Nope. Check MSAR. Also, look at MCAT score. Not only are those numbers incorrect, but the MCAT is no longer scored like this. MSAR has Harvard's Median MCAT at 520 last year and GPA at 3.94, so VERY different than the site above. Ranges of matriculating students as per MSAR: Total GPA: 3.74 (10th %ile) to 4.00 (90th %ile) Science GPA: 3.69 (10th %ile) to 3.94 (90th %ile) MCAT: 513 (10th %ile) to 525 (90th %ile) Source: MSAR.
  2. Just found a document saying you need to enter through the main residency NRMP match to be eligible? Does this mean my above question, the answer is no, and if so, are we eligible to enter NRMP?
  3. I realize there's a good chance people won't know about this (and likely nobody's even tried), but, assuming you've written your USMLEs, as a resident in Canada, are we eligible to try to transfer to a US residency through SOAP, like we're eligible to enter the 2nd round of CARMS? Thanks in advance!
  4. Note: Why is NRMP seemingly more transparent than CARMS? Asking for a friend.
  5. No public data for Canada. USA on the other hand... Plastic Surgery applicants in 2018 Match (Newer Match data is still being compiled AFAIK): 170 Allopathic applicants to Plastic Surgery. (apparently no Osteopathic Applicants/matches that year if you look in the DO Outcomes) 24 unmatched. 1 person matched with no publications at all. (1 person with 0 publications went unmatched) 2 people matched with 1 publication. (2 people with 1 publication went unmatched) 4 people matched with 2 publications. (0 people with 2 publications went unmatched) 6 people m
  6. Haha. No worries. Stressful time for you I'm sure.
  7. York doesn't give percentage grades on Transcripts, it gives letter grades. An A at York is converted to a 3.8.
  8. You would need to work a year at least first from what they say here. I'm not sure, but other provinces may have this too. Someone from outside ON can corroborate?
  9. http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/hhrsd/physicians/reentry.aspx Short answer...maybe.
  10. I know it's a long shot, because it's such a niche area, but is there anyone on here who completed/is completing/plans on completing the Area of Focused Competence Program in Transfusion Medicine? (Or USA Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine equivalent) (From any specialty)
  11. In terms of direct through CARMS CIP programs, I know of 4: 1. Plastic Surgery CIP (UBC) 2. Pediatrics CIP (Mac) 3. Anesthesia CIP (Toronto) 4. Psychiatry Research Track (CIP) (UBC) There used to be a Radiology one but I cannot find it on CARMS anymore These programs are hard to judge in terms of competitiveness. I'd imagine the pool is quite narrow, but I'd imagine substantial research productivity would be a serious element of an application if not a pre-requisite to even having a shot. For the Pediatrics CIP at Mac for example, the program says that "We
  12. Clinician Investigator Program- Allows you to do a graduate degree along with residency or fellowship. Usually an MSc, but I know a bunch who did a PhD instead. (It's my goal ) Nearly every school has one.
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