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    011235813 got a reaction from Tullius in As a PGY1, are we eligible for US SOAP?   
    I realize there's a good chance people won't know about this (and likely nobody's even tried), but, assuming you've written your USMLEs, as a resident in Canada, are we eligible to try to transfer to a US residency through SOAP, like we're eligible to enter the 2nd round of CARMS?
    Thanks in advance!
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    011235813 reacted to The Ace of Spades in Any family med docs regret switching careers as a non trad?   
    To be blunt, your primary motivation is financial. There are better ways to make money.
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    011235813 reacted to bearded frog in As a PGY1, are we eligible for US SOAP?   
    US match doesn't have rounds, everyone just applies together. If you don't match then you SOAP. Current residents can reapply although they are looked at though a very different lens and usually need a letter of support from their current PD. Canadian applicants who are not US citizens/PRs will have limitations on visas, etc.
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    011235813 got a reaction from birthcontrolmethods in Is this post true?   
    Nope. Check MSAR. Also, look at MCAT score. Not only are those numbers incorrect, but the MCAT is no longer scored like this.
    MSAR has Harvard's Median MCAT at 520 last year and GPA at 3.94, so VERY different than the site above. 
    Ranges of matriculating students as per MSAR:
    Total GPA: 3.74 (10th %ile) to 4.00 (90th %ile)
    Science GPA: 3.69 (10th %ile) to 3.94 (90th %ile)
    MCAT: 513 (10th %ile) to 525 (90th %ile)
    Source: MSAR.
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    011235813 reacted to JohnGrisham in Canadian student - US MD application or just US DO   
    Agreed overall, with the minor edit of "Eventually practicing in Canada, CMG > USMD=USDO > IMG "       as both UMSD and USDO will match just fine to US residencies, on average for the average student.  The degree won't make a difference for practicing in Canada after you are at the residency stage.   If you're going for derm/optho tier, then yeah USMD is more likely, but its unlikely overall for whatever school you end up at CMG or not.
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    011235813 got a reaction from SnowmanTheSWOMEN in My First Year at York University   
    Haha. No worries. Stressful time for you I'm sure.
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    011235813 reacted to pretomd in COVID-19 Impact on Electives and Clerkships   
    I'm not entirely clear on what your personal stake here is, but I think your disappointment is misdirected. As a student studying at McMaster, I have found the MD program's communication and commitment to student learning, student safety, and public safety to be reasonable, all things considering. Have I had frustrations with the way the situation has unfolded? Very much so. But I can recognize that this has been largely out of the control of the respective medical schools across the country. If there are schools that are trying their best to keep students in clinical placements with reasonable restrictions, allow me to submit that it is not because they have a vested interest in infecting their student population.
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    011235813 reacted to cleanup in Federal Election 2019   
    I think the fact that you know how to defuse animosity with humour and tact means more than your CARs section score, at least to me!
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    011235813 reacted to adhominem in Federal Election 2019   
    You're right. Lets just keep letting the discussion become more and more polarized until its just fascist ANTIFA members versus the neo-nazis. No compromise allowed!
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    011235813 reacted to Compton in Federal Election 2019   
    This is extremely well written and explains how many people (myself included) feel. Don't vote liberal and your scolded/not with "our people". I'm an Asian immigrant with dark skin, yet I don't vote liberal. But if someone votes conservative and is a dark skin immigrant (African/Arab/Asian, etc.), should that be cringeworthy as someone noted earlier? I would hope not. But that type of rhetoric will just alienate people and push them towards an outsider to go against the status quo. The liberals don't have my vote, neither do the conservatives. But the conservatives are not full of white supremacists, racist individuals either. This stuff is the reason why people like Trump get elected. And quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is elected in 2020 due to the constant Democratic policies and rhetoric against Trump that will shift the people in key states to vote red again, regardless of what Trump says or does. Anyways, I started this thread to get an idea as to what people thought about the upcoming election and policies important for them. My riding is in a key swing area but not sure what I'll vote for on election day though...that's still up in the air.
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    011235813 reacted to Rabeprazole in Federal Election 2019   
    I respect all your views & opinions and appreciate your perspectives on these matters.
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    011235813 reacted to cleanup in Federal Election 2019   
    It's not, really. It's just a sense of self-awareness and open-mindedness. To me, those are "Step 1" to "how to be a good person" and "how to improve your life in the direction you want to."
    Personally I don't see any reason in discussion if one or both parties are completely surefooted in their views and their only goal is to convince or persuade the other party that they, in fact, are wrong, and the only refuge lies in a concession. What a pointless, directionless, destructive process that is.
    If things were so black and white, they wouldn't be so difficult, now would they? Perform a thought experiment... consider, which is more likely: that this person you're talking to is so damn stupid that they couldn't possibly be more wrong and you're so incredibly right that your opinions are not only stalwart, unshakable and reliable but also impervious to gaps in logic and reasoning... or that everyone, yourself and this other person included, are fallible, stubborn, often misguided and ill-informed, and usually fail to understand that the magnitude of what they don't know far outstrips what they do know?
    We really do over-estimate ourselves in how apparently intelligent and above-average we are, as well as how misinformed and sub-human others are. Where this social fallacy came from, I have no idea, but I think if we all tried to undo some of it, the world would be a better place, regardless of which direction it goes.
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    011235813 got a reaction from Vivieeeeeee in Federal Election 2019   
    This may be a little late to post this, lol but...
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    011235813 reacted to cleanup in Federal Election 2019   
    I have an itchy trigger finger in this topic.
    Jk let's please not talk about guns too.
    But yeah, let's keep it civil, folks. I think a zoomed-out perspective in which we all recognize that we all have our own biases and blind spots with respect to politics is healthy. Let's all practice radical open-mindedness with each other's opinions. Entertain the idea that you may not have all the information, and that you are the product of your environment as well as the people you spend time with and speak to. We all live in echo chambers. Let's be mindful of the fact that we can all learn more from each other; there are no fences here.
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    011235813 got a reaction from Compton in Federal Election 2019   
    This may be a little late to post this, lol but...
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    011235813 reacted to NLengr in Top 100 physician-identified OHIP billings released   
    Not a bad point. 
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    011235813 reacted to NLengr in Top 100 physician-identified OHIP billings released   
    I'd be leery to publicly support actively cutting back anyone's billings. Not because I don't think optho is overpaid. I'd be more concerned that once you agree that it is legitimate to cut back "overpaid" specialties, the government will start to declare other specialties "overpaid" one or two at a time and cut reimbursement for those specialties too. They wouldnt have a reason to stop until everyone, including FM, takes a nice big pay cut. 
    You'd be a fool as a physician to trust the government. 
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    011235813 reacted to NeuroD in Whats the point ?   
    Yes, I pay attention to climate science. Asides from my undergrad, I spent 2 solid years with some of the world's leading environmental scientists/climatologists at U of T. I'm very aware, thank you very much. I can't tell if you meant to be obnoxious or if you just couldn't help your self. I wrote a long response, but then realized it's not worth it.

    OP: The world, and life in it, continue to get better every decade. Now is the best time in history to be alive! So much has been done for so many problems world wide. I'm not saying that we shouldn't stay motivated to keep going, I'm just saying you've got every reason to be positive and hopeful. There have always been problems but when you place a historical lens on things, you realize how positively things have been trending! In a sense, you're right...tons of bombs suck....but having a life expectancy of 30-40 years also sucked....and that wasn't even that long ago :)!
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    011235813 reacted to NeuroD in Whats the point ?   
    The world gets better every decade. Our own troubles cement, but if you objectively look at the data, the world has improved immensely and continues to do so. Life expectancy, years of disability, malnutrition, poverty, homelessness etc.... Hard to find anything but hasn't continue to improve over time. If these conditions make you think that there is no future, how much more strongly should you have thought that 50, or 100, or 1, 000 years ago?
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    011235813 got a reaction from Monkey D. Luffy in ID vs. MedMicro   
    Does it still exist as its own specialty? I was under the impression it had been collapsed into Pathology. (Medical Biochemistry)
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    011235813 reacted to uhoh99 in One interview....pretty stunned right now   
    So update for any interested parties. I matched to Family Medicine! Always liked living life on the edge, but I'll admit this was cutting it close. I can still accomplish my goals through this route, just have to take a different path than initially intended.
    Thanks for all of the advice. 
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    011235813 reacted to Aconitase in To anyone who is struggling with their dreams of becoming a doctor   
    While it’s nice to be positive not everyone gets in. There is life beyond medicine and honestly for most it’s probably better 
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    011235813 reacted to Bambi in What's On Your Mind?   
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 
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    011235813 reacted to rmorelan in What's On Your Mind?   
    Happy holidays everyone!
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    011235813 reacted to NeuroD in Does everyone get sick on Paediatrics? NOTE: This is a joke!   
    Nah it's true...I got hit by the end of my rotation, and it was summer!
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