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  1. We should receive something soon. Last time I was waitlisted, I think I received a letter in the first or second week of September. I'm not sure if they send out letters or e-mails now, but we'll get the scores for the various sections (although interview was given simply PASS or FAIL this year from what others have said.
  2. Did your parents move with you or do they still live in Alberta? If they still live in Alberta and all you've done is go to school in BC (didn't work for a year or more), then you'd be considered an Alberta resident. If your parents moved there, then you'd be considered a BC resident now. Since you went to high school in Alberta, you'd be considered IP for Calgary. I hope that helps!
  3. No love for me either. Don't count yourself out yet though. The "class is full" letter isn't out yet and people have even been known to get in after that comes out. Hang in there!
  4. No news here either. A few years ago when I was on the waitlist, they did send out a "Class is full" e-mail. Until we get that e-mail (assuming they still send it), there is still hope. I just checked my inbox and the "class is full" mail didn't show up until June 23rd when I was waitlisted before, so that's still a few weeks away.
  5. Thanks Gh0st! You've always been super helpful to everyone on the forums.
  6. It means I'm not applying again after this. I'm a super non-trad and already have a professional job. I have an interview coming up for a big promotion plus two sick family members right now, so it's becoming less and less feasible for me to keep applying. Hopefully I'll get in this time, but if I don't, then I'll focus on other aspects in life.
  7. Thanks!! I'm just wondering when the next round might be coming out. This is my last cycle, so would love to get good news. ????
  8. Thanks ehagen. Do you know what the deadline was for your friend to respond?
  9. My waitlist documents are still there. The waitlist should be moving tomorrow, since Friday was the deadline to respond to initial offers. Good luck everyone!
  10. Looks like the IP waitlist is moving now according to Kevinsfamouschili in the Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected session. Best of luck everyone! ????
  11. Yes, GiveMeLife is OOP. I hope you hear something soon! Best of luck! ????
  12. Mlab, are you IP or OOP? Ontario, UBC, and Sask results were released so a lot of OOPs probably rejected their U of A spots, so U of A could confidently offer up some to their waitlist. I haven't heard anything about the IP waitlist moving yet.
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