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  1. There's increasingly an understanding that after a certain cutoff, which is lower than what most schools have as their cutoffs currently, your GPA and MCAT score are basically meaningless in predicting your competence as a physician. The last numbers I read I think were something like a 3.0 GPA and a 504 MCAT. Personally I think we have a massive socioeconomic divide in medicine which thankfully schools are starting to address. In society the top 1% represent, well 1% of the population, but in medicine, atleast in my year they represent over 65% of the class. I have some ideas abo
  2. Well I don't want to talk about your marriage dynamics but for me once I found the person I deeply care about, none of that other stuff really mattered. I've been with 3 girls total in my life and with my fiance now, nothing else really matters except her and our life together, and this isn't just limited to sex, but literally everything. I had a rough few years when I first started medschool but I've been really happy for the past 2 years with her, so for me my "body count" is much less relevant than my happiness.
  3. I'm going to go against the grain here and say doing right is very useful for ca$sper. Despite what they tell you it's a very reductive test that's easy to solve once you figure out the principle that's being tested. All you have to do is present both sides of the argument and come down somewhere in the middle, or come down on one side and lay down justifications that would prompt you to switch your stance. But that requires you to understand what principle is being tested, which is where doing right comes in. Source: Was told by an admin that I had the highest ca$per score of inte
  4. Hospitalist work is not hard to get if you're not limited to super urban centres like downtown Toronto. In places like London, Hamilton etc you can pretty much do anything you want as a FM, wheter that's working in a clinic, doing hospitalist or doing a mix. Heck it's not even that hard to work in EM in most places, even without a +1. The average GIM makes more than the average FM, there's no disputing that. Couple things to keep in mind: Internal medicine residency is no joke, in FM you have a lot of say in how much you will make, and you have to calculate how long it will take
  5. It depends on how much you work. With your expectation of 20-25 patients / day, I would say 225-250K gross is not unreasonable. Some of my friends gross 500-600K but they work much harder than that and spend some weekends in rural communities. There are also things like FHOs and FHTs that change things, you can usually earn a bit more if you can join a practice like that. Don't think about the money, in my opinion if the type of work family medicine encompasses is something you enjoy, then you'd have to be crazy not to pursue family medicine. You'll make more than enough no matter
  6. I'm really trying to corner the market on applicants with below 3.0 cGPA in the carms CMG pool.
  7. Since this thread seems to have gone into a different direction, taught I'd update you guys on an email I just got this morning from one of the derm program directors I emailed. I won't say exactly what they said or which program, but to paraphrase, it was strongly implied that my application would be at a severe disadvantage with the situation I described in the email (same situation I described in this post). Since it's already a 50/50 shot to match into derm any way, and given that so many program directors didn't even reply to me, and the reply I did get wasn't exactly reassuri
  8. I don't think you're supposed to know the answer when you'r being pimped ... that's the whole point of pimping
  9. It's pretty hard to backup derm with anything other than fam, which I would be OK with doing as a career. I'm just not sure if I should waste electives on Derm and continue to pursue Derm-related research if programs will throw my application away based on the poor 3 years on my UG transcript, which would constitute a "red flag" in their eye. If I'm going to do fam any way I'd much rather just enjoy my summers for the next 2 years, or start to pursue something else. It's just impossible to know what they do with the UG transcript, and what sucks is there is literally no way to find
  10. I'm not sure if you can answer this, but wouldn't it make sense that they're using the UG transcripts mainly to look for red flags? And going by that assumption, wouldn't it make sense that they would throw my whole application away once they see my ug transcript? That's the reason I have reservations about continuing to pursue Derm, the fact that they could throw my whole application away. Or at least the risk of that. It would help if I could talk to someone who successfully matched into a program like rads or derm with a poor UG transcript, but as you can imagine it will be pre
  11. I understand but what I'm wondering is if I should even bother taking up electives on Derm when most of the programs require the ug transcript. It would be a waste of time for me to do that if my application is going to be screened based on my undergrad alone, and my research / achievements not even considered. To be honest I'm not sure if it's a question that anyone here can answer, and I don't think even each school's derm faculty would answer the question if I asked them. It really sucks, I thought my undergrad struggles were behind me but it looks like they will continue to hau
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